Wolf Music EP 8 // Buck UK – Once EP // Nomadee

Thought we’d share some recently dropped releases that I’ve been rinsing on my iPod but not seen much about around.

Officially out on Monday, but selling now through Juno is the latest 12″ from the Wolf Music label, appropriately titled Wolf Music 8 EP. Four artists offering up a tune each, possibly the finest to date from each of the roster in question. The beauty of this plate – featuring KRL, Chicago Damn, Greymatter and Medlar – is that not only do the tracks fall left of normal house, but all are dancefloor burners that somehow flow together but remain distinctively twisted to the unique influences and personalities of their creators. Big shouts to Wolf for an amazing record, and I got to say Greymatter just keeps getting better. Tesla is probably taking out the award for the one I’m going to be dropping the most in the upcoming months. Check out the video for it below.

Recently dropped on Cut Records – the free digital label gifted to us from Dfrnt – comes the Once EP from Buck UK. Deep dubbed out styles that we’ve come to expect from the netlabel, high quality tracks thrown up for free download.
Buck UK’s Once EP is an atmospheric dub-house/deep-techno slice of music revolving around his beautiful chords and distant vocals. This EP has Buck UK’s original and the emotive Essáy returns for his second appearance on Cut with his deep emotional dub-techno take on the original.

Holding it down from her hometown of Vienna, Nomadee is still the number one songstress of the underground. Singing with soul over hip-hop beats and bass music, she’s also invited a load of friends on to her latest LP titled Daydreams. One of the few full length albums of recent memory that I listen to start to finish and can be in to the whole way through. There’s a few copies kicking about on 2LP wax, or via her bandcamp page for the digitally inclined, dropped on Nomadee’s own Urban Legends Records label.

As well as being a serious ambassador for music, Nomadee’s also got wicked style and always representing her hometown scene. Check the release below and be sure to stay on top of her movements, as she’s one of the few cats still making a serious difference worldwide.