Wiley – ‘Step Freestyles’ Collection [Free Download]

As the Godfather of Grime it’s been a long time since Wiley first made that barrier-jump from underground London to the worldwide audience territory. The one known as Eskiboy is definitely of the rare breed that brings heads together over his craft. Through years spent developing natural rhymes, flow and production with an on point ear for selecting instrumentals, Wiley transcended the traditional emcee career path through crazy work ethic and not holding back. A lot of recent music that we dig owes an early debt to Wiley.

Early last year we clocked on to Wiley’s Step Freestyles that would sporadically appear via his twitter – free downloads of tracks chronologically named with beats supplied by the likes of Preditah, Flava D and SNY. And where ‘Step 10’ was originally thought to be the last in the series it was in fact only the closing chapter of All Fun and Games ‘Til…Volume 1 with Volume 2 covering the subsequent follow-ups up until ‘Step 20’ which was uploaded for download back in March.

Recently the series got some new life with the full collection going up as a single download folder on various blogs, supported by Wiley himself. Whether you need an introduction to lyrical bass music or you’re a long-time fan you should definitely get on this. We finally got around to checking the whole thing and have been had it on rotation since; Wiley just continues to be so far ahead of the curve in what he does. Too many highlights to pull any out for this quick post, we’ll just say that this is definitely worth dedicating a bit of time too.

Download the full Step Freestyles altogether here. Alternatively stream the lot below, and follow the links to download individual tracks while you still can.