Unknown Artist – ‘Royal Rave / Rubadub Style’ 12″ [Red7]

I’m of the feeling that I could be best friends with whoever’s behind this plate. Not just mates to drink with, but proper share a flat and even combine our record collections after years of trying to out geek each other on obscure vinyl pieces and pointless trivia. But unfortunately it will never happen, as this great record is going under an ‘Untitled Artist‘ categorising.

Pirate rave on one side and a dub system weapon on the flip, both cuts here are bang up our alley. The acid side delivers as a warehouse breakbeat tribute, in the same grimey vein of Special Request, Four Tet’s Kool FM LP or Zomby’s dedication to early-hardcore in spectacular style. Titled ‘Royal Rave‘, it’s in fact a reversioning of the 1988 anthem ‘Yo Yo Get Funky‘, originally dropped by Fast Eddie and a staple in club history. Here it’s twisted and pulled apart, sampled more than reworked as the basis for a floor-destroying track that then works countless other classics in to the mix. The melting pot result isn’t the hands up celebration-style that the original tracks might’ve been, but a heads down rough bass journey.

Flip it over and we’re still in muddy sample-land, this time with ‘Go Deh Yaka‘ being brought up to a mid-tempo burner battered with bass stabs and limited effects done really well. Pretty close to perfection, this’ll fit between the digi-dub and balearic house pieces in your sound system set.

No super-expensive screeen-printed sleeves, just a really good record at a decent price. Limited quantities, wax only, so don’t sleep on these.
Check both tracks below.