Unknown Artist – ‘B-Ball Joints’ 12″ [Dog In The Night]

One cat or a group, either unknown studio fiend or a collective by the name of B-Ball Joints depending how you interpret the press release and various write-ups. Not that it really matters, as the important thing here is that it’s music to knock your skull about it or shake up a set, if it doesn’t destroy the club beforehand.

Dirty analogue machine music – which happens to be a few of our favourite words typed in a row – is the best description of this. Pushed to it’s limits at footwork speed tempos, it’s intensity is half the captivation. The other 50% is made up of the roughneck patterns and sounds that bring back memories of the first time we heard Container as well as Jeff Mills’ Waveform Transmissions pulsations. Like opening the first door to rawness and futurism that we didn’t know techno could provide.

Four tracks labelled ‘Joint 1’ through to ‘Joint 4’ cut on a decent slice of vinyl that needs a sound system for full appreciation. Absolute nails from the word go, ‘Joint 1’ sucks you in with punishing 1/8th kicks where the cymbals normally sit, before the repetition groove sits in and flows in and out over the beat machine patterns. From there on, with the framework set, the tracks seem to emphasise different elements the twisted and distorted formations. ‘Joint 2’ isolates the peaking rumbling bass, ‘Joint 3’ some type of distortion with vocals interpreted as an instrument and ‘Joint 4’ throwing up the mids and highs (see earlier reference to footwork) at an insane tempo.

Every track on this is killer, full of energy and a Muslimgauze type brutality. It works even better as a complete EP that takes you to a totally different headspace. Make sure you get on it quick, cause you’ll wear it down fast.

Two tracks below, press release just underneath that.

via Rush Hour Distribution
The oddly named “B-Ball Joints” make their group debut on DITN with four tracks spanning between dense machine driven beatless pulsations to industrial strength club tracks, one of which has vocals with sound like a human being tortured over heavy drums. This one won’t make you friends quick…but well….you know….