Underpin: A Group Show

Six months ago if someone had mentioned to Chairman Kato that he’d be hosting his second art show in East London this week, he wouldn’t have believed it. Never one to walk away from an opportunity however, the musician / artist most definitely delivered with Underbelly – his incredible installation with Chris Stoneman – and is now following it up with a group exhibition that includes his own contribution to visual art.

Launching this Thursday in the basement of TeaSmith once more, Underpin: A Group Show is promising to be a diverse affair, though to be honest it’s only Stoneman’s brilliant brass working that I’m even remotely familiar with. You can get at artist profiles and whatnot from the main site linked below, though in these situations I’m excited to leave it for opening night.

Full press info below, the tea will be flowing early, make sure you get down.

via UnderpinExhibition.com
Following on from the success of the foreboding experience that was the installation by Kato and Stoneman, the Teasmith Gallery is pleased to announce Underpin: A Group Art Show.

The premise is simple. Underpin is a collection of 8 artists stumbled upon through side streets, markets, galleries and coincidence. We have brought them together to create a show of artists with ideas, a showcase of up and coming artists with soul.

We’ve got Kris Emmerson who has knocked up a video animation of the sun, as you do. There’s Peter Alexander who managed to infiltrate an aluminium factory in Iceland and has the stark photographs to prove it. Aynur Karaman’s energetic splashes of paint stop the proceedings becoming too sombre, whilst Frank Laws specialises in crafting illustrations of council buildings that are near photographic in their intricacy. And Future Map contributor Jess Littlewood has somehow found time to give us a few of her distinctive dystopian landscape collages in the middle of her hectic exhibition schedule.

We’re excited about Ilsun Maeng, who incorporates candle smoke into her method of painting, producing ghostly portraits that hint at reincarnation. We invited Alice Power to contribute because we knew her smart sculptures would add a welcome contrast in scale and tone. And as for Chris Stoneman’s Bronze Hologram- seeing is believing (assuming you can actually see it, there’s a knack to it). Stoneman’s partner in crime, musician and artist Chairman Kato, will also be exhibiting his first piece of visual art at Underpin.

Don’t take our word for it though, come down and experience their work for yourself at the launch of this diverse exhibition on Thursday July 7th, in association with Time Out First Thursdays.

A group show
From Thursday 7th July to Sunday 7th August
At Teasmith
6, Lamb Street
E1 6EA

Private view from 1900-2130 on Thursday July 7th, with an after party at Mason and Taylor, 51-55 Bethnal Green Road, E1.