UK Apache Doing ‘Original Nuttah’ In A Mosque

Original Nuttah‘ has to be one of the most and recognisable (and rewound) jungle tunes of all time. Released by Shy Fx in ’94, the tune was a major breakthrough for the ragga style of drum n bass that was coming through. And it was UK Apache, a proper pioneer in the scene, who voiced the classic track over Shy’s beats.

UK Apache (also styled UK Apachi) is stage name of Abdul Wahab Lafta, born in the UK to an Iraqi father and raised by his South-African Indian mother in London. Growing up in areas largely populated by Jamaican immigrants and their second generations, he’s described himself as ‘a Jamaican by heart’, cutting his teeth the hard way by coming up through sound systems.

I’m not sure if religion always played a large part in his life, but at some stage post ’90s jungle Abdul stepped away from recording and started dedicating more time to Islam. ‘Original Nuttah’ continues to be on high rotation all across the world, but had given much though as to what UK Apache might be up to now.

Just this morning I was blown away when I saw the below video of Abdul doing a version of ‘Original Nuttah’ in a mosque. Keeping the spirit of the original track, what I believe has been dubbed ‘I Was A Nuttah’, Abdul performs acapella calling for peace, respect and a better way of life from the ‘rude boys’ he shouts out in the original.

And he absolutely kills it.

Tolerance through jungle? Sounds like a pretty good slogan.