Truth-HZ ‘Crowdsourced’ Live Stream – Studio Sessions

Dope live streaming project here with involvement from Massie aka Daojia of AWK005 ‘Riego Street’ fame. Last seen reviewing tunes while rolling around Glasgow, Truth-HZ is now hooking up with producers to stream and record a makeshift studio session with samples sent in from the viewing community live and before the show. Studio Session 1 went out just over a month ago with producer Wize making tunes on the fly.

As well as producing decent beats (and unusually for a youtubed studio session) he’s got the personality to host which makes for quality viewing.

Split in to five segments which you can check out Session 1 below.

As it turns out the next session is actually kicking off tonight 8pm GMT – or tomorrow morning early depending where in the world you are. Watch it from here, with links below to stay on top of what the movements and most importantly to submit your own samples.



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