Trust In Bass Podcast #11 – Duskky

New podcast from some of our friends in Germany, Trust In Bass drop number 11 in their increasingly dope offerings. The podcasts are spawned from the monthly night of the same name, hosted by Clearcut and other breakbeat enthusiasts from Osnabrück, Germany. Definitely a night I need to check out on my next trip to the area.

This time around they’ve got London based Duskky in the mix, who I’m ashamed to say I’ve been sleeping on. Having just spent some time on his soundcloud and checking out his free offerings on the Acroplane netlabel, I’m blown away by just how incredibly dope he is. As a member of the Mothers Against Noise collective, Duskk’s productions are truly his own sound carved from the bass music landscape, and we’ve got to get to work finding out more about him

As a starting point (and a nice way to go full circle) check out Trust In Bass #11 embedded below, or via Phuture Frequency radio. For first time listeners it’s also worth checking out the back catalogue, which you can also get at through the Itunes subscription here.

via Trust In Bass
Duskky specialises in engaging drum workout flavoured with deep subs and eerie atmospheres. As member of the Mothers Against Noise collective, he has undergone a stylistic mutation from virtually straight Dubstep to broken Dubfunk and Jungle beats. This mix sees him dig out some of his own releases on and Twenty/Twelve, combined with dubs of forthcoming tracks, both from him, Mothers fellow Hurtdeer and his brother Second Line.

01. Hurtdeer – Lick [Dub]
02. The Mad Professor – Wolf Skank [TKO Magnum Music]
03. Full Spektrum – Rust Bucket [Dub]
04. Hyper-On Experience – Assention (To The 9th Level) [Moving Shadow]
05. Aaron Spectre – Music Is The Weapon [Rag & Bone]
06. Dub-One – Lion Powa [Scientific Wax]
07. wAgAwAgA – Mayfair Gunn Juice Dub [Acroplane Recordings]
08. The Mad Professor and Lee Scratch Perry – Drummer Boy Dub [Ariwa]
09. Duskky – Sternutation [Dub]
10. Duskky – Diplacusis [Dub]
11. Mauxuam – Jahnesh – Tower Mix [Bakshish Music]
12. Duskky feat. Anthony Kangaris – Nephilim [forthcoming on Broken Bubble]
13. Hurtdeer – Jabu Jabu Jabu [Acroplane Recordings]
14. Duskky – Scratch [Acroplane Recordings]
15. wAgAwAgA – Tabla [Immigrant Recordings]
16. Duskky – Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder [forthcoming on Broken Bubble]
17. Duskky – Baddeley & Hitch [Dub]
18. Second Line – Viscera [Dub]
19. Bugge Wesseltoft – Oh Ye [Jazzland Recordings]
20. Rhythm & Sound – We Been Troddin [Burial Mix]
21. Second Line – Codex [Dub]
22. Duskky – Nyabinghi [Acroplane Recordings]