Tristan Perich ‘One-Bit Symphony’ / Chairman Kato ‘Scar Clearance’


This is some next level packaging. Chairman Kato has just put me on to New York artist Tristan Perich and his 1-Bit Symphony release which dropped last year. Like the original 1-Bit Music from 2005, the release is a ‘circuit album’ housed in a jewel case that literally performs it’s music once switched on. The music itself never has more than one-bit of music playing at any given time. I’m not going to try and describe it anymore than that, check the video below and his site for more info on a next level artist

While we’re on the topic of art installations and musicians it’s worth noting that Kato himself has started on what will be his new installation, returning once more in the space underneath Tea Smith. With Underbelly closing off on the weekend he’s also gone ahead and uploaded the electronic soundscape he put together for it as a free download via his bandcamp page. It’s titled Scar Clearance and is essential electronic listening.