Tour De Force Sound System – ‘Old Time Love’ EP – Dub-Stuy Records – Dubcast Vol. 1 Mix

These guys have been on our radar for more than a minute now, coming out of Brooklyn and representing one of the finest new systems in the world. Tour de Force is the collaboration of system reppers Q-Masta and Double Tiger, who’s longstanding relationship with their city’s bass culture lends to their credibility and dedication to their sound system craft.

The Tour de Force (TDF) Sound System really is a thing of beauty. Dubbed “The Tower Of Sound” it boasts a remarkable 15k watts, and if memory serves correct (can’t seem to find it now) a five-way crossover for next level adjustment over the sound. After all, what good is the power if you can’t control it? And this is where we get in depth with the love for sound system culture that these guys hold. This isn’t the corporates rolling out some big Funktion 1’s for a hype-night, this is time invested in design and build for something they love.

It’s hard to emphasise the commitment it takes to run a sound system. It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle choice, and the selectors and their crews behind it are often dedicated to spreading the message. Massive respect to all operators, and Tour de Force are certainly holding it down for their ends.

With the system came a much needed regular party dubbed Echo Chamber. This is actually where we first clocked their movements, through flyers and online presence outlaying their system. Check the teaser video below to get an idea of ow these guys come together for a session.

Not a crew to rest on what they’ve got doing, the debut of Dub-Stuy Records came in 2012 as an extension of Tour de Force activities. Having spread the message, it seemed like the logical step, and following a mp3 giveaway last month we now have the first full release. The Old Time Love EP gives us four system worthy cuts of the title track featuring Jay Speaker, with versions coming from Digitaldubs, Roommate and Tour De Force’s own Double Tiger. Big sound.

Digital only at this point, it went live start of the week, and you can check out the samples below, press release underneath that.

via Dub-Stuy Records

Following the release of their summer tune “Pool Party”, Brooklyn-based production duo and sound system culture activists Tour De Force return with “Old Time Love”, the second single from their upcoming full length album “Battle Cry”. The track is complemented by three remixes from forward-thinking bass music producers Digitaldubs (Brazil), Roommate (USA) and Tour De Force’s own Double Tiger.

Featuring heartfelt vocals by Jay Spaker, Old Time Love is a soulful yet uptempo track, layering an R&B groove onto heavy dub reggae skank with a hint of dubstep. Spaker’s lyrics are reminiscent of lost love, invoking a dreamy headspace while the driving beat keeps feet dancing.
Double Tiger contributes a heavyweight interpretation of Old Time Love, while Digitaldubs reinvents it in a classic UK Dub fashion characterized by its ubiquitous 4X4 steppers beat and thunderous digital bass. Dubstep pioneer and ambassador Roommate maintains the integrity of the vocals and style, offsetting them with sub bass and metallic skank for dancefloor vibes.

Custom-tailored for the sound system, Old Time Love EP illustrates TDF’s unique production style and affinity for the low end as they build bridges between genres—and musical communities.

While we’re on topic it’s worth shouting out this mix from Q-Mastah that appeared on the Dub-Stuy soundcloud page about a month ago. Kicking off a new series titled ‘Dubcast’, it’s 60 minutes of proper dub vibes and well worth the listen.