Top 10s of 2010

As is the season with New Years drawing closer it’s the time for us to get rating on our top records for the year. Love the fact they all came in in different formats and different styles, though Actress seems to be the most shouted out.

Thanks to everyone for a brilliant year and watch 2011 for some massiveness.


1. Ramadanman – Work Them [Swamp 81]
2. Joy Orbison – BB [Doldrums]
3. Breach – Fatherless (Doc Daneeka Remix) [Pattern]
4. Mala – Education [DMZ]
5. Ramadanman – Glut [Hemlock]
6. George Fitzgerald – The Let Down [Hotflush]
7. MJ Cole – Thekla Riddim [Prolific Recordings]
8. Hackman – Dusk [Pattern]
9. Cosmin TRG – Purple Lights [Tempa]
10. Joe – Claptrap [Hessle Audio]

Albums: Mount Kimbie – Crooks & Lovers [Hot Flush], Digital Mystikz – Return II Space [DMZ], Ikonika – Contact, Love, Want, Have [Hyperdub], Scuba – Triangulation [Hotflush], Actress – Splazsh [Honest Jon’s]



Keith P

1. Kalbata – Artikal Youth / Helm [Yellow Machine]
2. The Raah Project – Trick Of The Light (Cessa Remix) [White]
3. Omar S – Plesetsk Cosmodrome [FXHE]
4. Actress – Paint Straw and Bubbles / The Maze [Honest Jons]
5. Cnn – Be My… [White]
6. Marcellus Pitman – Erase The Pain [Fit]
7. Geeman – Rubberbandz [Clone]
8. Ras G & The African Space Program / Samiyam – Los Angeles 3/10 [All City]
9. Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir – Trackin / Drummer Downstairs [Fit]
10. Lone – Emerald Fantasy Tracks [Magic Wire]

Notable mentions: Blawan – Iddy / Fram [Hessle], Duncan Powell – Pushin’ [2nd Drop], Kyle Hall – Kaychunk [Hyperdub], Throwing Snow – Un Vingt [Hotep], Rockwell – Everything & U [Darkestral Excursions]


Comrade Massie aka Daojia

1.  Ital Tek – Black & White [Planet Mu]
2.  Tokimonsta – Sweet Day [Brainfeeder]
3.  Blu Mar Ten – Overwhelm (Seba Remix) [Blu Mar Ten]
4.  Scuba – Three Sided Shape [Hotflush]
5.  SRC – Lemsip [Numbers]
6.  Taz Buckfaster – Recovery [Subway]
7.  Mako – Head Up [Abaga]
8.  Aera – Week of Fear [Aleph]
9.  Niño – Y (Dos veces Bueno Mweslee Remix) [Galetta]
10. Pariah – Orpheus [R&S]

Honourable (unreleased) mentions: Pedestrian – Hei Poa (Bubblers Edit), Supasub & Tactus – Big Picture, Booka Shade – Regenerate (Thinnen Remix), Y2d – Pillow Talk


 Kamikaze DJs

1.  Demdike Stare – Forest Of Evil / Voices Of Dust / Liberation [Modern Love]
2.  People Like Us and Wobbly – Music For The Fire [Illegal Art]
3.  Alan Lomax – Alan Lomax’s Southern Journey 1959-60 [Mississippi]
4.  Actress – Machine and Voice [Non Plus Records]
5.  Urban Tribe – Program 1-12 [Mahogani Music]
6.(a)  DJ Nate – Da Track Genius [Planet Mu]
6.(b)  Max Richter – Infra LP [Fat Cat]
7.  Broadcast and The Focus Group – Inside Out [Ghost Box]
8.  North Manc Beds – Mancweb EP [Skam]
9.  Alva Noto – For 2  [Line]
10. Balam Acab – See Birds EP [Triangle]


30/12/2010 – There’s always one isn’t there? Coming in a week later than everyone else with a staunch refusal to put it in any specific order Jimmy Monstafunk finally drops us his top ten of 2010. He’s even managed to include honorable mentions that aren’t records.

                Jimmy Monstafunk

1. Carl Craig – At Les (Christian Smith Remixes) [Tronic]

1. Kyle Hall – Kaychunk [Hyperdub]
1. Crue-L Grand Orchestra – (You Are) More Than Paradise (Theo Parrish Remixes) [Crue-l Japan]
1. Scan 7 feat Aaron Carl – 4 Types Of People [Wallshaker US]
1. Oliver Schories – Archipel [Ostwind Germany]
1. Utah Jazz – Quincy [White Label]
1. Ghetto Brothers – Ghetto Disco [Clone Royal Holland]
1. Adam Port / Sante – Own [Rockets & Ponies Belgium]
1. Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo – Dragon Fly [Puzzlebox US]
1. Kaiserdisco – Jaana [Kling Klong Germany]

Honourable mentions: Film: The Secret in Their Eyes (fantastic thriller from Argentina and deserved winner for the Best Foreign Language Oscar), Documentary: Food Inc. (gives you the inside track on the industrial food complex, scary stuff!) Film: A Prophet (although made in 2009, it didn’t reach an English language audience until 2010 – a French film similar to UK classic ‘Scum’ with a stunning central performance) News Story: Wikileaks (great to finally see the bubble bursting for the ruling classes on all sides, perhaps people will now care more about what goes on behind closed doors), Re-Issue: 18 Blocks From Tiffany’s (although currently only available as a region 1 DVD, this film is a must see for people interested in New York in a time just before the birth of Hip Hop)