Tom Trago – ‘The Elite’ Music Video from Born & Borgesius

The very good news of the week is that Rage – the greatest program ever created, and possibly why I returned to the southern hemisphere – is available on ABC iView, meaning for those not geo-blocked you never have to be without at least three weeks worth on the television.

And as a result of constant hit-and-miss videos going on in the background, I managed to catch the Born & Borgesius produced clip for Tom Trago’s stand-out track, ‘The Elite.’ Taken from The Light Fantastic LP that came to us on the backend of 2013 via Rush Hour, it’s a banging track of perfectly produced vintage synth, taking us back to the golden-days with pure warmth in the sounds and simplicity in the structure. Big, big tune.

Trago’s found a good partner in the video makers, who’ve captured the vibe to perfection. I love this video, went back-to-back on it three times in a row. We’ve definitely seen (and possibly chopped ourselves) the footage used within, whether it’s the Doncaster warehouse shots that have done the rounds or more like A Short Film About Chilling… or a separate Ibiza home movie, though more likely a combination of all, it’s been used and edited brilliantly here.

Definitely riding that Luke Wyatt lo-fi vibe, there’s no denying that the visuals are as infectious as the track itself. Check it out below.