Timmy K: Floor Rippers at Cafe 1001 Photos

Always a pleasure to host some work from Phomandark, known to us as Timmy K; there’s a reason why he’s a favourite photographer. Not sure why we’ve not highlighted some of his photographic movements at breakdance events, but it’s not the first time he’s shot Floor Rippers.

All black and white, this is a pretty stunning collection of photos. There’s something captured with that old-school originators vibe combined with the intensity and dedication in the event.

Floor Rippers have moved to a new venue at Cafe1001 and during a Saturday afternoon, making the event more accessible and allowing under 18’s to compete, repeating the success of the success of their first anniversary party in December.

As always it was incredible to see what the dancers brought to the floor, with the Floor Rippers band in full effect for all battles.  The 2vs2 format allowed a diverse mix of styles to go head to head, with judges having the final say.

Here is the final courtesy of Funk Stylers TV – http://youtu.be/NvCVEmzGvq0

Also well worth checking out was the showcase from IMD Legionhttp://youtu.be/7EJ-exCNNzo

Pure vibes. A few favourite shots selected and displayed below, but for the full role bump on over to here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/timkantoch/sets/72157634406697053/

Get in touch for any hi-res or to reach out to Phomandark. Big ups!