Throwing Snow / Shortstuff / Maxmillion Dunbar @ Ramp Records Label Night – 17.11.10

As I’m sure I’m not the only to have noticed – West London has been seriously stepping up it’s game for the preference nights as of late. With Fridays and Sundays increasingly being done in the ‘W’ area codes, there’s been a definite shift to Thursday’s become the East London night out. Promoters have been smart enough to adjust accordingly, including A. Child and Free Care, who’s brilliant format is working and has put a monopoly on label nights.

Not representing any one faction themselves, the Thursday nights they run on a semi-monthly basis are always label focused. Essentially they get a night sorted for their favorite labels (the last one for Now-Again was heavy) who in turn supply the acts and leave the running of it up to them. The end result is a constant rotation of the undergrounds finest record releases merging with a like-minded crowd at some of our favorite venues. Everyone knows what their turning up for and the artists get a chance to spin new bits to an already keen crowd.

The latest to be announced for one of these showcase styled nights is Ramp Recordings, coming off the back of a huge year-to-date of releases.

I’ve not seen a press release kicking about (though most likely accidentally deleted it) but the confirmed list of live players and DJs is enough to guarantee worth turning up to East Village for.

And while the hype seems to be on about Maxmillion Dunbar giving his first ever UK appearance to launch his Cool Water LP, I’ll be turning up for the support. Since being the firs release on the Ho-Tep imprint, everything I learn about the man known as Throwing Snow aka Ross Tones impresses me more and more. If you’ve not checked him before (as I stupidly hadn’t) bump over to his main site at and check him out.

That said the one that’s secretly headlining in my mind is Shortstuff – who’s evolution as an electronic artist is a seemingly never-ending series of peaks. Does anyone remember his early wobbly stuff? In the same way we watched Martyn carve out his own sound Shortstuff just keeps getting better. The Summer Of Shortstuff collection (a brilliantly titled Seinfeld reference) recently closed off with Part 3, the first series in recently memory where every track across multiple releases was a massive tune individually as well as part of an overall project.

It’s going down at East Village, Thursday the 17th, for the pittance cost of £7.
For more details check the Facebook group here:!/event.php?eid=144612568918500