The Raah Project – Trick Of The Light (Cessa Trick Of The Midnight Mix)

This white just dropped on my doorstep, literally, though I’m not sure who from. Someone local who’s promo list I’m fortunate to be on, which rules out Summer Dawn, being based in Italy, and I don’t believe The Raah Project or Cessa have sent me anything previously.

That said, I am really feeling what’s coming out of their camp at the moment, and while both sides of this are heavy, it’s the first Cessa mix on here that is simply stunning. Cessa are apparently a duo from London, out of the same crew that spawned Sbtrkt, though unlike the masked one they seem to have absolutely no web presence, and as a result their tunes are being slept on by heads that need them. This joint was just too good to share. No release info, but I’m sure the legit versions aren’t too far behind the promos, and they’re pressed on nice heavyweight vinyl too (though we’ve recently learned this isn’t what the plant will always deliver):

It’s probably not my place to start youtubing other people’s tunes, but like I said, too good not to share. If anyone’s got anymore details on these cats hit us up.