Theo Parrish – ‘Footwork / Tympanic Warfare’ 12″ [Sound Signature]

We don’t shout about Theo Parrish that much in this space. The Detroit legend gets plenty of hype on any release or mix bearing his name, and out of everyone buying his records there’s a load of people who can do better things with them than I could. That’s not to say we don’t appreciate the ones we do pick-up, and let’s be honest, very few step up better on decks than Theo P, the man’s given me some of the most memorable club nights of my life.

This latest wax drop is hard to not get wrapped in however. First spotted a few months back with a nifty video (embedded below), it wasn’t until we got it on the turntable this morning that we really felt how big this plate is.

Just to clear it up ahead of time, this isn’t Theo’s take on the Chicago dance moves associated with juke. Rather, the title track is a pretty timely call to arms to get people dancing on the floor once more. Even in the last five years we’ve seen the bizarre reluctance of moving to a live DJ on the rise – just lock in to any Boiler Room session to observe the awkward standing around that selectors seem to induce nowadays.

I don’t think this is a reflection of anything in particular however, just a combination of DJs moving away from wax, an emphasis on bar profits, sound system quality decreasing and over-selling tickets just being a few of the factors. But hey, from these situations new opportunities rise.

Back to the record, and Theo’s not only given us killer hi-hat patterns that dictate ‘Footwork’, but a swinging house beat that’s equally as devastating. The vocal loop of ‘let me…see your…footwork…ba-by’ seems to operate independently of the keys and mid range, adding that slightly raw edge. It’s pure Theo in club system mode; funky, danceable, incredibly warm and most importantly soul-moving without being cheesy, just pure vibes the whole way.

On the flip things go a bit deeper, touching more on the customised Motor City house style beat-tip. ‘Tympanic Warfare’ he’s named it, and the lack of vocals allows the keys to step-up and take the lead alongside the encompassing analogue bass. An equally big track that makes for a decently balanced record, with both sides set to get a battering, played out heavily over the next few months.

Out to Theo P each and every way. Can honestly say he was never anything but an absolute gent and a genuine record punter when he used to step in to Phonica on occasion, always up for a chat and always digging deep to get the records he wanted. Nothing but respect for the man.

Check the press release below, then get your order on this record.

via Sound Signature
Two tantric dancefloor jams marks the return of Theo to his spiritual home and life’s work Sound Signature. Building on the same rhythmical territory as the recent 12″ for The Trilogy Tapes/Palace/SS, the bold Mr Parrish is quite simply a man on fire right now.