Theo Parrish, Digital Mystikz, Gaslamp Killer, Om Unit, Space Dimension Controller – $25 – 50 @ Metro 5/1/13 [SYD]

Damn, surprised there are still tickets going to this, especially at the stupidly cheap price, but I guess Sydney Festival kicking off outdoors might have something to do with it. Strictly for the Sydney peeps, this Saturday there’s a lineup at Metro that smashes out any of the over-priced music festivals we’ve had come through on the season thus far.

Digital Mystikz (DMZMala & Coki), Gaslamp Killer, Theo Parrish, Space Dimension Controller, DJ Nu Mark (Toy Set), T Williams, Rustie, Spencer and Om Unit – ridiculously good. For those on the Metro mailing list you may’ve just gotten the $25 offer for tickets as well, but for those not they’re somehow still on first release of $49. Every act on the bill could be headlining –  it’s money well spent.

Om Unit we’ve spoken about in regards to Tempo Clash previously, and can safely vouch for him smashing it live. Whether remixing or original productions, man’s got dubs for days. I know it’s going back a bit now, especially after his year of edits, remixes and a plate on Civil Music for the year just gone, but the below white label remix of Joker’s Digidesign still KILLS it in a set. Watch the heads just stop and listen every time this drops, right before losing their shit.

While we’re going back in catalogue to some of our favourites from the lineup, this Space Dimension Controller joint from 2010 needs shouting out, and you can download it for free below via our friends at RBMA. SDC killed it at the Academy and the showcases that year (same night as MF Doom if I remember correctly), got released on Royal Oak with a Kyle Hall remix and the Love Quadrant plate started selling like crazy. More recently the long-awaited double pack LP on R&S was a stand-out when it finally dropped.

You know the deal with DMZ; the basis for the first new musical movement in a decade. Still rinsing dubs, still representing sound system culture, they are STILL one of the best in the game. I’m a firm believer that their sound (and dubstep in general) is the sonic representation of London, never really made sense to me anywhere else. Here’s the thing though: no matter where you are in the world, it’s going to feel like a proper rainy East London night, everyone’s family but everyone’s on edge ready to kick off. No one’s better at keeping and recreating the grass roots, raw as f**k, dirty, grimey bass night atmosphere that launched the dubstep to begin with. Mala and Coki never phone in a set, and they’ve proven how they defy genre barriers, so before you say “dubstep isn’t what it used to be” go see what they do.

We’ve spoken about DJ Nu-Mark’s ‘Toy Set‘ before, interviewed Gaslamp Killer and Theo P needs no introduction. The fact that we haven’t even had space to mention Rustie, Spencer and T. Williams – all of who’d we go see individually – shows just how epic this night’s going to be. Flyer up the top, press release below, and head over here for tickets:

via Niche Productions
Niche Productions is proud to announce a Bass, House and Future Beats lineup of festival proportions – the perfect way to ring in the new-year.

In the tradition of such sell-out events as Flying Lotus & Martyn in early 2012, Hold Tight will now take over both rooms of The Metro to present a smattering of cutting edge Electronic artists under the one room for one night only.

Digital Mystikz aka DMZ are recognised as pioneers of the Dubstep movement, with Coki taking in more of the gnarly end of the Bass spectrum and partner in crime Mala moving through the spaces between Dub and Soundsystem culture. This year Mala released the immensely popular album Mala In Cuba which has helped propel Dubstep even further in to popular culture.

Gaslamp Killer is the Los Angeles native whose album Breakthrough on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder has been the jewel in a crown speckled with hits like main stage appearances at Sonar amongst others. He is a regular traveller to Australia and ever popular.

Rustie came through with an amazing album for Warp in 2012 called Glass Swords. It, to this day has stood amongst countless pioneering Electronic music albums and pushed itself ahead of the pack, garnering tonnes of praise from the likes of The Guardian. He’s also recently been heard on the Adidas Olympics ads.

Headlining the House and Disco room is none other than Theo Parrish. No stranger to our shores, Theo Parrish has remained ever proactive on the decks and also on the boards with a swag of recent edits and remixes for artists and labels as diverse as Ninja Tune and his own Sound Signature label.

Space Dimension Controller will be representing the classic House and Techno label R & S, who they have had a number of successful releases on, with their immensely dreamy yet punchy take on electronica across a wide array of BPMs.

DJ Nu Mark’s world famous Toy Set will amaze at Hold Tight, with the ex-Jurassic 5 producer and DJ extraordinaire incorporating some kooky old favourites from your childhood with turntable trickery in to one of the most entertaining DJ shows you’ll ever see.

West London producer T Williams seamlessly moves between techno, Deep House and Broken Beat and has released a number of successful EPs on label like PTN, Enchufada and Local Action. His inclusion on this lineup signals the future of the energetic UK Bass sound.

Om Unit has been big in the game for a number of years, with output ranging from Trap style bass bangers to trippy Edits and lurching Hip Hop monsters.

Spencer is co-founder of the seminal Glasgow based label and party series Numbers. Also a co-host of the Numbers show on Rinse FM, Spencer and the Numbers crew are key figures in the current explosion of UK electronic music, releasing music by the likes of SBTRKT, Jamie xx and many more well before they blew up.

Joining these heavyweights of House, Bass, Hip-Hop and electronic are some of Sydney’s best locals in Kali and Simon Caldwell and the live show of wordlife, truly making this one of the best parties to usher in the new year.