The Monsta Funk Sessions on Seance Radio – ‘So Last Year’ Part 2/3

For those that missed the live broadcast here’s Part 2 of 3 of Jimmy Monsta Funk’s mix series going out on Seance radio. Six-hours worth of sessions in total recorded in three blocks of single takes, and since split in to two-hour shows for broadcast.

If you’ve not checked Part 1 yet, it’s worth starting with:

Still on theme with his record selections solely from 2014 (‘So Last Year‘), Part 2 sees the man embedded firmly in his lifeblood of house and techno. Wax only as always, it’s another masterclass in playing records. Deck skills are just crazy on Monsta Funk, making it sound so easy and constantly reminding us why he’s our favourite DJ.

Part 3 goes out tomorrow night, Friday 3rd of April, 9pm UK time.

Over the course of the next three Friday evenings Seance Radio has something different lined up for you between the hours of 21:00-23:00 UTC –

Awkward Movements presents The Monsta Funk Sessions

Something special here from one of the finest selectors and record collections we know. 6 hours worth of live recorded wax only sessions, done in three blocks with no edits and no redoes. All records that Jimmy Monsta Funk purchased in 2014, crossing over genres like no one else can, mixed to perfection.

Jimmy Monsta Funk is like the preacher from the electronic music church. The bits he writes for us are mostly based on the scene’s coming back around and deeper music history from a head who experienced it back in the day. But through a love of music and a constant to desire to learn he’s somehow achieved what few others do and stayed relevant without caring about times or scenes. The man absorbs knowledge like no one else and has played techno in every major city across the world. The everlasting influence comes from Detroit’s ‘Belleville Three’ (Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson), who in his opinion ‘have crafted some of the most amazing music and influenced a raft of budding home studio producers to release their tracks’.

Full track list for Part 2 below, and you can download or stream is as a podcast from here:

Part 2
Terrence Dixon – Self Portrait (I:Cube Remix)
La Fleur – Arms Around (C2 Affected Remix) (Water Gate)
Liam Geddes – Into The Wild (MIL)
Stacey Pullen – Get Loose (Saved)
Detroit Swindle – B.Y.O. (Jimpster Remix) (Dirt Crew)
DJ Rush Presents Knee Deep – Lookin’ For Excitement (Original 12” Club Mix) (Harmless)
G.I.O.N. – Forever Forward (Original Mix) (Human Race Nation)
Aldo – Aldo 02 (Serie Limitee)
Alkaline – Feeling Of Life (Dabit)
Kabale Und Liebe – Sammy Hoboken (Original Bonus Mix) (Soweso)
John Beltran – Safardic (Soul Research)
Cab Drivers – Beatnight 77 (Cabinet)
Titonton Duvanté – Such Good Taste (Mosaic)
Shinichi Atobe – Free Access Zone 5 (DDS)
DJ Roach – My Riot (Nuestro Futuro)
Scan 7 – Genesis (Cratesavers Muzik)
Paranoid London with Paris Brightledge – Paris Dub 2 (Paranoid London)
Craig Smith – Only When It Is Darkest (Phlash Remix) (Teng)
Fabrice Lig Featuring Ann Saunderson – No Judgement (Ian O’Donovan Remix) (Planet E)
Terrence Parker – Saved Forever (Carl Craig Mix) (Planet E)
Nicole Moudaber – The Whipping’ I’m Dishin’ (Gary Beck Remix) (Mood)
Hound Scales – Odile (White Asega)
L.B. Dub Corp – Roller Feat. Function (Ostgut Ton)
Locked Groove – Latency (Sunrise Mix) (We Play House)
Loud Neighbor – The Fellonship (Octave One Remix) (W0rkt34m)
Karim Sahraoui – Stella (Transmat)
Ryan Crosson – Club Chimes with Cesar Merville (Visionquest)
Juho Kahilainen – The Fuck Up (M_REC)
Vril – y7/10 (Delsin)
Matt Trani – Over The Future (Claude Young Remix) (Pushmaster Discs)
Alma Negra – Messa (Basic Fingers)
Throwing Shade – Chancer (Kowton Remix) (Happy Skull)
DJ Bone – Here To Stay (Won’t Fade Away) (Subject Detroit)
Africans With Mainframes – Tonkolili (Bio Rhythm)
Trulz & Robin – Froskelår (Full Pupp)
Alexander D’niel – Ellie (Original Mix) (NuLabel Quality)
Esteban Adame & Nef Nunez – Notice This (Original Mix) (Major People)
Steffi – Bag of Crystals (Ostgut Ton)
OB Ignitt – Sweaty Dance Floor (Obonit)
Zed Bias – Eingang (Swamp81)
Joe Farr – Trapington (Hype_LTD)
PSYK – Automatic (Motel)
Pasta boys Featuring Osunlade – Deep Musique (Trus’Me Spritz Mix) (Rebirth)
DJ Skull – The Synth (Chiwax)
Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson – Quetzalcoatl (Crimes of the Future)
Orion – Gravity (Johannes Volk Remix) (Polytone)
General Ludd – Woo Ha (Mister Saturday Night)
Robert Hood – Protein Valve (Edit 1) (M-Plant)
Phase – Dirtro II (Robert Hood’s Redeemed Mix) (Token)