The Monsta Funk Sessions on Seance Radio – ‘So Last Year’ Part 1/3

About a month back just over six hours worth of tunes from 2014 landed in my inbox, courtesy of Jimmy Monsta Funk. Big things here, done wax only in three individual takes, recorded live the whole way.

And while JMF usually draws on one of the best collections we know of, he’s isolated these to bits purchased purely through 2014. It’s a big listen every part of the way, a masterclass in spinning records. This first part starts off nicely with techno’s jazz and hip-hop roots, progressing nicely to the streets of Detroit house, the club vibe, crossing a load of styles and boundaries along the way.

For the full track list scroll right to the bottom and shortcut to the Part 1 here:

Stoked to be working with Seance radio on this one too, it’s a brilliant station run by proper good people. Part 1 of 3 went out Friday night, 9-11pm UK time, followed by parts 2 and 3 (spliced in to even two hour blocks) this week and next.

Over the course of the next three Friday evenings Seance Radio has something different lined up for you between the hours of 21:00-23:00 UTC –

Awkward Movements presents The Monsta Funk Sessions

Something special here from one of the finest selectors and record collections we know. 6 hours worth of live recorded wax only sessions, done in three blocks with no edits and no redoes. All records that Jimmy Monsta Funk purchased in 2014, crossing over genres like no one else can, mixed to perfection.

Jimmy Monsta Funk is like the preacher from the electronic music church. The bits he writes for us are mostly based on the scene’s coming back around and deeper music history from a head who experienced it back in the day. But through a love of music and a constant to desire to learn he’s somehow achieved what few others do and stayed relevant without caring about times or scenes. The man absorbs knowledge like no one else and has played techno in every major city across the world. The everlasting influence comes from Detroit’s ‘Belleville Three’ (Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson), who in his opinion ‘have crafted some of the most amazing music and influenced a raft of budding home studio producers to release their tracks’.

So that’s six hours of tunes from 2014…so last year.

Archive’s just gone up, so you can download or stream it as a podcast from here:

 Worth mentioning too that Seance also have their own app to access the station 24/7. And as above you can pull down the podcasts from the station via iTunes or similar.

Part One
Gregory Porter – Musical Genocide (Ludovic Navarre aka St Germain version) (Blue Note)
Bobbito García Y Su Álala  ‎– Park Pick-Up Player (Mark De Clive-Lowe Remix) (Alala)
Dego – Nuts! (Blueberry Records)
Roy Hargrove – Universe (Below The Radar)
Red Rack’em – Brazilian Nuts (City Fly)
The Incredible Funk League – On & On Featuring Sadat X (Favorite)
Photonz – Osiris Resurrected (Palms Trax Remix) (Hot Haus Recs)
The Mighty Zulu Nation – Abantu (LV Raw Remix) (Ear Conditioning)
Louis Guilliaume – Careless Featuring Paul Randolph (Ruff Draft)
Floating Points – King Bromeliad (Eglo)
Jazzanova – Now There Is We (Instrumental) (Sonar Kollektiv)
JM Edits – Come & Get My Lovin’ (Kat Records)
Soft Touch – Swim In The Night Featuring Silya (Walker & Royce Mix) (Dither Down)
Borrowed Identity – You’re Mine (Fina)
Montel – For So Long (Original Mix) (Bass Hit Dub)
Point G – Delta (Point G)
Joyce Muniz – Back In The Days Feat. Bam (Exploited)
Marc Romboy Feat. Möggli – The Trigger (Synthapella)
Mayday – Sinister (1st Mix) (Pheerce Citi)
Glenn Astro – Strings (Leon Vynehall Translation)
System 2 – Smoke & Mirrors (System 2)
Martyn – Glassbeadgames (With Four Tet) (Ninja Tune)
Disclosure – Apollo (Cherrytree)
Bodyjack – Bodytrax 4 (Body Trax)
Octo Octa – Mine (Second Chance Mix) (100% Silk)
Jonny Rock – Move Your Body To The Edit (Make Love In Public Places)***
Head High – Megatrap (Mix – Mix) (Power House)
Well Rounded Edits – As She Stands There (Well Rounded Edits)
Jovann – Back To House (Ian Pooley’s New Dub) (Underground Solution)
Kito Jempere – Gas Station (Fata Morgana)
Janis – Forgiveness (Mirau)
Chasing Kurt – From The Inside (Henrik Schwarz Remix) (Defected)
Second Voyage – High Jam (Second Voyage)
A Sagittariun – Loopholes (Elastic Dreams)
Cratebug Edits – Snakes (Tugboat Edits)
Archie Pelago – Neighborhood Mephisto (Archie Pelago)
Forget Me Not – Everything But Love (Losing Suki)
Other Worlds – Codename ELD (Use of Weapons)
DB_24 – New Life (Modular Machine)
Millie & Andrea – Temper Tantrum (Modern Love)
Swindle – Summer Fruits (Brownswood / Deep Medi)
Dopplereffekt – Delta Wave (Leisure System)
Alek Stark – 94 K (Titan’s Halo)
Dam Funk – Inside of U (Scion A/V)
Q-Chip – Pleasure Anxiety (Solar One Music)
DJ Trax – Attack of the 50Ft Amen (Tempo)
Kimyan Law – Run Ames (Feat. Robert Manos) (Blu Mar Ten)
Young Fathers – Get Up (Big Dada)
The Roots – Understand Feat Dice Raw & Greg Porn (Def Jam)
DJH Grudge – Empty With You (White Label)