The Hydra: – BLPGRN001 Launch Photos Via Timmy K

We were hyping about the Bleep curated Broken & Uneven party a while back with the stunning lineup that delivered on all accounts. Part of the whole warehouse event was to celebrate the now released Karenn / The Analogue Cops 12″ (BLGPRN001), a limited edition plate done with Shaun Bloodworth supplying the artwork prints and as part of the package. Head over to if you’ve not checked it yet.

The massive lineup consisted of Berlin and London’s finest; Blawan, Objekt, Third Side (The Analogue Cops with Steffi), Lucy, Kowton, Pangaea and Bleep DJ’s all stepping up to the decks on the night. Timmy K aka Phomandark was in attendance, even taking a hit for the cause when a an acoustic roof tile fell on him mid-shoot. The tile later got turned in to a bit of Lucy fan art by some girls, check the photo at the top.
A few favorites below, more shots on RA and full set up here: