The F.A.T. Manual

The Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab is a constant source of inspiration and boredom alleviation for us. With social hacktivism at the core of it’s ideals, the community of artists, scientists, lawyers and computer geeks are dedicated to open-source, open-license, public domain works that make the world a better place. Tearing down the borders of patents and corporate monopolies is as good a cause as any, designed to spark entrepreneurship by having your ideas built upon and likewise build upon others.

For those new to the site, there’s actually a nice intro video which you can check out below.

To celebrate five years of shows, DIY projects, events and general butterfly effect mayhem, F.A.T. Lab have released The F.A.T. Manual; a 222 pdf document available for free download. As well as offering an alternate way to view some of the best projects available on F.A.T. Lab since 2007, the introductions and bios of some of their top contributors are well worth a read. The level of diversity in qualified people that F.A.T. Lab attracts is remarkable, and best of all is that anyone can join in.

Shaved Bieber, Subpixel, Fffffreee Ai Wei Wei glasses and Internet Famous Class are a few personal favourites that have made it in the manual. By far though, I think the most valuable piece on offer is the Public Domain Donor movement. I for one have ordered the appropriate sticker roll and can’t wait for others to pillage and rape any of the half-baked ideas that I’ve put in to existence. Not even joking people.

Check out the post here, where you can download the pdf free of charge, or pay a measley 9 euros for a pre-printed copy: