The Dead Albatross Music Prize 2017: Results

Take a bow Paul Ackroyd and co, as Dead Albatross season comes to an end with a winner announced (two weeks back…yes we’re incredibly late in posting, we’ve been busy) on what can only be described as some epic live radio. The Dead Albatross Music Prize 2017 topped all previous efforts with a crazy haul of dedicated artist mixes, album features and interviews hosted on the main site, going live as the panel lived with and devoured the shortlisted album list across almost two months.

For those in need of a primer; the Dead Albatross Music Prize was originally created by Paul as an alternative to the Mercury Award, but has long since evolved in to it’s own stream. Year round contributors throw their favorite albums fro UK and IRE in to a mix, only for Paul to create a shortlist and call for votes before announcing a winner. And yes, the winner is sent a Dead Albatross.

2013 Ela Orleans
2014 Ibibio Sound Machine
2015 Annabel (lee)
2016 – Family Atlantica

And now we can Hannah Peel to that list for her LP Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia.

For those that slept you can check this year’s shortlist here:

Or alternatively lock in to the recording of the awards night, originally broadcast live on Reel Rebels, where Paul and Kevin are joined by nominees and guests to play through the whole shortlist before counting down the top 5.

It’s a quality listen, even if you’ve already checked the full results.

Tracklist for the Dead Albatross Show
Jane Weaver – Loops In The Secret Society
Sacred Paws – Rest
The Moonlandingz – The Strangle Of Anna feat. Rebecca Lucy Taylor
People Like Us – Millennium Dome
– Lone Taxidermist Interview –
Lone Taxidermist – When The Waters Cold
TQD – Ghosts feat. P Money
Wiley – On This feat. Chip, Ice Kid & Little D
Basic Rhythm – Bombastic Plastic
Japan Blues – Everything Passes
Children Of Alice – The Liminal Space
Ectopia – Engrenages
– Hannah Peel Interview –
Hannah Peel – Archid Orange Dwarf
The Caretaker – And Heart Breaks
Total Leatherette – Fat Jelly Empire
Pessimist – Through The Fog
Strange U – Daisy
Strange U – Mumm Ra
– Gareth E. Rees Dungeness Feature –
Broken English Club – Pylon
Gnod – Paper Error
Richard Dawson – Scientist
Shirley Collins – Pretty Polly
– The Scorpios Interview –
The Scorpios – Eujoaideen = They’re Coming Back = إوجويدين
Shackleton With Anika – Rid Yourself of the Parasites
Yussef Kamaal – Strings Of Light
Laurence Guy – Saw You For The First Time
Regis – Cold Water

The Dead Albatross Award 2017 Top 5
5. People Like Us – Dolly Pardon
4. Gnod – Bodies For Money
3. The Caretaker – Into Each Other’s Eyes
2. Jane Weaver – The Architect
1. Hannah Peel – Deep Space Cluster