The Dead Albatross Music Prize 2014 – Shortlist

That time of year again; f**k Christmas, The Dead Albatross Music Prize has rolled around once again, and we’re damn excited. Full disclaimer up front that once again I’ll be sitting on the panel, judging those infinitely more talented than I, and no doubt expressing outrage and delights in equal parts at where my selections end up.

Only it’s second year in and already there’s been some heat over the shortlist. Actress and Nochexxx were notable exceptions, however it was Ralph Cumbers aka Bass Clef who was no doubt the hottest debated topic in the lead-up to the shortlist release with at least two of the panel having already sent death threats to the higher up entities of the award corporation (ie Paul Ackroyd) regarding his being left out. But alas it speaks to the quality of the list that the powers that be were unbudging on what has been our artist of 2014.

Well, nothing’s perfect, but The Dead Albatross Music Prize (D.A.M.P.) remains, by far, our favourite institution for recognition of British, Irish, Welsh and Scottish albums recorded throughout the year. It could stand head and shoulders above the rest solely on the quality of radio that we get during it’s presentation and final ceremony.

As our wonderful host and curator along the Dead Albatross journey, Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze will be recording the whole shindig once he’s counted the votes. He’s got some help this year from the chaps at the ever-good Norman Records, as well as the usual musical weirdos that listen to the 25 shortlisted albums and weigh in with opinions.

Speaking of which, the shortlist was announced earlier this month, representing a range of genres and including a load of our favourite records from the year alongside some we’re slowly checking out under a variety of circumstances. Got to say, early stand-outs that we’ve not heard before include Ex-Easter Island Head and The Soundcarriers, but we’re yet to find something on the list that isn’t overall outstanding.

Check out the full press release below, along with the entire shortlist below. Stay locked for more information as we work our way through it.

via The Dead Albatross Music Prize
The Dead Albatross Music Prize is back in town. The community-spirited DIY carnival of sound returns for its second year, following the success of last year’s award.

Designed to run alongside The Mercury Prize, Dead Albatross promises to showcase an honest, real, and exciting cross-section of the huge variety of music created within the UK and Ireland over the past year.

We have selected 25 albums for the shortlist that we feel paint a beautiful picture of the UK music scene as we know it, and will do all in our power to promote the plethora of talent on display here over the coming weeks. We hope that you all will join in the fun, explore the amazing tunes, and help these artists gain the exposure they deserve.

In its maiden voyage last year, Ela Orleans wrestled with the likes of Factory Floor, Chris Watson, Hacker Farm, and Divorce for the prize, before emerging victorious to claim the hallowed albatross carcass. This time round sees the turn of the following motley crew, so here, in full, we present to you the Dead Albatross 2014 shortlist…

A New Line (Related) – S/T [Home Assembly]
Astor – Inland [Kye]
Bong – Stoner Rock [Ritual Productions]
Dolly Dolly – Antimacassar [Exotic Pylon]
Ex-Easter Island Head – Mallet Guitars Three [Low Point]
Flamingods – Hyperborea [Shape Records]
Flava D – Vol.5 [Self Release]
Good Throb – Fuck Off [Super Fi/White Denim/Sabremetric]
Ibibio Sound Machine – Ibibio Sound Machine [Soundway]
Isnaj Dui – Euplexia [Rural Colours]
Kate Tempest – Everybody Down [Big Dada]
L.B. Dub Corp – Unknown Origin [Ostgut Ton]
Matt Elliott – Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart [Ici D’ailleurs]
Mica Levi – Under The Skin Soundtrack [Milan/Rough Trade]
Millie & Andrea – Drop The Vowels [Modern Love]
Prescott – One Did [Slowfoot Records]
Shifted – Under A Single Banner [Bed Of Nails]
Shopping – Consumer Complaints [MÏLK]
Stefan Jaworzyn – Principles Of Inertia [Trensmat]
Sub Luna City – City Rivims Mk 1 [Self Release]
The Cosmic Dead – Easterfaust [Paradigms recordings ]
The Mistys – Redemption Forest [Other ideas]
The Soundcarriers – Entropicalia [Ghost Box]
V/A : Classroom Projects – Various Artists [Trunk Records]
Zed Bias – Boss [Swamp 81]

The shortlist was announced on September 10th, and a panel of trusty-eared music obsessives are currently living with and devouring the selected albums. The votes will be collated and the winner announced on Wednesday 29th October.

We will also be opening up a proportion of the voting to the listening public. Head to the website for more details on that.

As part of our efforts to promote this talent, this year we have teamed up with Leeds’ very own Norman Records. They’ll be running some promotions and stuff so stay tuned!

For press, interviews, and general contact, and on Twitter it’s @funfairbonanza #deadalbatross

And the website is at, where you can stream every single album on the shortlist. So head on over, feast your ears, and welcome aboard the good ship Albatross.