The Dead Albatross Music Prize 2013: Results

The inaugural Dead Albatross Music Prize came to it’s apex last week with a three-hour radio special hosted by Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze on his second radio home Reel Rebels. You can relive it below, as he showcases the panel’s selection of the twenty best albums from British and Irish artists released in the last 12 months, dropping in a track from each along the way, plus a top five countdown at the end, eventually revealing the winner of the prize.

Stream the show below. We’ve tucked the tracklist for the show, plus the top five standings, at the bottom of the page in case anyone wants to leave it as a surprise.

Much more than just an award and a show, The Dead Albatross Music Prize has given us an additional way to look at releases. It’s all fun and games, as we’d never be pretentious enough to tell you what you’d like, but since it was announced I was constantly coming across records that I wish I’d submitted for consideration in to the shortlist. And already I’m mentally filing submissions for next year.

Big ups all involved in this year’s awards, looking forward to what happens in 12 months time already. And talking of 2014, anyone that has anything at all to offer for next year’s awards should hit up Paul on kamikazebeats(at)

via The Dead Albatross Music Prize

It’s not about the winning, it’s the taking part that counts. But we still had a winner. A top 5 in fact. As voted for by a bunch of the finest record shops, radio folk, listeners, writers and crate diggers from across UK and Ireland… Ela Orleans topped the chart with her flawless album Tumult In Clouds. Divorce came second with their debut and parting gesture to the world, Owiny Sigoma Band came next, Broadcast hit fourth spot with their soundtrack to Berberian Sound Studio, whilst Andy Stott occupied fifth. Special mention goes to Hacker Farm for sounding most like the inside of a dead albatross.


Tracklist for the Dead Albatross Show
Trus’me – I Want You [Prime Numbers]
Fairhorns – In Water [Invada]
Walton – Love On The Dancefloor [Hyperdub]
Focus Group – Montage from Elektrik Karousel [Ghost Box]
The Heliocentrics – Collateral Damage [Now Again]
Hookworms – Preservation [Gringo]
My Bloody Valentine – Nothing Is [Independent Release]
Owiny Sigoma Band – Owiny Techno [Brownswood]
Factory Floor – Two Different Ways [DFA]
Andy Stott – Luxury Problems [Modern Love]
Ela Orleans – Leopard [Clan Destine]
Broadcast – Theresa, Lark of Ascension [Warp]
Lee Gamble – Coma Skank [Pan]
Chris Watson – Sumor [Touch]
Poppy Ackroyd – Mechanism [Denovali]
The Cyclist – Visions [Leaving]
Serafina Steer – Night Before Mutiny [Stolen]
Rhodri Davies – Fulfilment of The Event [Alt.Vinyl]
Divorce – Aids of Space [Night School]
Hacker Farm – Grinch [Exotic Pylon]
Andy Stott – Up The Box [Modern Love]
Broadcast – Montage from Berberian Sound Studio [Warp]
Owiny Sigoma Band – Jonny Raha [Brownswood]
Divorce – Stabby (Stabby) Stab [Night School]
Ela Orleans – J’ai Bien Du Chagrin [Clan Destine]
The 2013 Dead Albatross Award 2013 Top 5
1. Ela Orleans – ‘Tumult in Clouds’ [Clan Destine]
2. Divorce – ‘Divorce’ [Night School]
3. Owiny Sigoma Band – ‘Power Punch!!!’ [Brownswood Recordings]
4. Broadcast – ‘Berberian Sound Studio’ [Warp]
5. Andy Stott – ‘Luxury Problems’ [Modern Love]