The Apocalyptic Animal World Of Josh Keyes

Just finding out more about the American artist named Josh Keyes, who’s themes we’re constantly stoked with. His post-apocalyptic animal-survivalist concepts are done without the barren wastelands of dark, bloodied, zombie brain splatters we come to expect whenever that word comes in to play. Instead Keyes deals in re-imagined worlds that we’re big fans of, colored in with decently cheerful colors that add to the contrasting themes and seem to make them ever-better the more you stare at them.

Keyes’ style has been called ‘eco-surrealist’ – probably a fitting description – and the best thing about it is the commitment that he’s given to this unique world. It’s a favored twist on the downfall of the human environment, with ideas that he continues to surprise us with. Equally evolving from ‘dystopian folktales’ this chaotic fantasy of animals existing in a new society is a clear message regarding our treatment of the Earth’s resources in parts, and a pure virtual blending of animal’s relationships with their own environments in others.

Check out his site ( for a selection of works and to see what’s still available for his limited prints to purchase. A few favorites, mostly sold out, are posted below. Very cool is that there’s also a sketchbook section where you can see the preliminary designs and a pretty awesome studio blog tab that’s worth staying on top of.