Tape-Echo Newspaper: Issue 1

I should pre-empt this by letting you know that only 250 copies have been made of Issue 1 – beg, borrow and steal if you have to but this is some print you want to own.

A few months back we posted on Analog Love, a photo exhibition documenting the Bristol underground scene, accompanied by an amazingly unique zine of the same name. Curated by Alex Digard of Tape-Echo website fame the success of the project possibly served as a catalyst to take it a step further.

Tape-Echo Issue 1 has just launched in its specialised newspaper format, proving once again that quality print is far from dead.

Utilising DIY sparsity, the A4-size issue is an entirely type-written work of art, keeping in line with the underground music ethos of quality over quantity.

Tape-Echo publication 001 from Tape-Echo on Vimeo.

On the content tip, Tape-Echo couldn’t be more spot-on as a focal point for the ever mutating underground electronic scene. Ekoplekz features in the early pages, followed by a punk-attituded ‘start your own label’ article focusing around Star Delta Mastering studios in Bristol. The legendary Dubloaded night and Darkestral Recordings also appear in the 32-page edition. A lot is actually written by Digard himself, though all contributing writers have approached the subjects of their writing as points of genuine interest, and the fact that Tape-Echo is free of advertising no doubt helps them stick to their manifesto of being ‘a community based publication’ and a ‘physical reaction against the Internet’s insatiable appetite for the next big thing.’

This is the type of thinking the underground scene needs to rally around when it comes to press coverage. Each new issue of Tape-Echo is set to be launched at a Boundary Object event, looking to be released quarterly.

Check below for more info on what’s covered and shots from inside the printed copy. Images jacked from the Tape-Echo shop, which you can check out here for more info and to pick up  a copy: http://tapeecho.bigcartel.com/