Talkin’ Headz – The Metalheadz Documentary (1998)

Wanted to get this up ahead of the post for Timmy K’s forthcoming Awkward Movements Sessions. Full details and download links up Monday, but as a photographer and rave veteran who lived and loves London drum n bass, the 100 minute selection of Metalheadz tunes is as special and high-quality as you’d expect.

When sending it over he also included a link to this documentary ‘Talkin’ Headz – The Metalheadz Documentary‘, a 1998 VHS release done by our friends over at Manga Entertainment. The full 60 minute video is posted below, I’d recommend taking the time to watch it start to finish.

We’re definitely in the midst of revisiting dnb and jungle from a side-on perspective, currently exploring it through the dub culture and sound system angle. Watch this space regarding. Travelling around Europe and seeing how big an influence it continues to have on a world wide level as an underground sub-culture was incredible, and properly sparked the fire once more for the ‘amen’ orientated style of music. As a reference on a personal level, dubstep for me will never make sense out of London, but drum n bass is properly universal.

Out to Skush (TwistedMishka) for the original upload, and to AnalogAssassin who more recently posted it as one straight VHS rip (complete with anti-piracy ads and a breakdance video preview), which you can view below.

The Metalheadz Documentary is an intimate and immediate account of a Drum & Bass label poised for world domination. DJs and producers talk openly of the artistic freedom they enjoy, how the label has evolved to represent such a diverse musical scene and why moving forward and pushing the boundaries is so vital. These names have created a global phenomenon and here talk for the first time of how it was achieved, where it’s at and what the future holds.

Featuring – Adam F, Andy C, DJ Bailey, Ink, Digital, Dillinja, Doc Scott, Ed Rush, GUS, Gilles Peterson, Goldie, Grooverider, J Majik, Lemon D, Liam Gallagher, MC Justiyc, Marly Marl, Matrix, Noel Gallagher, Optical, Randall, Ray Keith, Source Direct