Stream ‘Aba Shanti Sound System Live’ Cassette Recording – Circa ’91-’92

On the sound system tip as always, had to share this live session we cam across last week. Aba Shanti-I Sound System recorded live on to cassette circa ’91-’92, digitised last year and upped to Mad Mungos Radio Soul for sharing. It’s something special, built to be played out loud, and not in the background.

While a normal Aba Shanti-I Sound System dance will never be replicated, but must be experienced, this live recording goes some of the way to bring back those feelings and memories. Six-hour soundsystem sessions from a true system operator are akin to a religious experience, and Aba Shanti-I is one of the all-time greats. Aba will be doing it for life, but don’t ever miss chance to see the sound system in full effect.

For those that have checked the Aba Shanti and Blood Shanti Red Bull Music Academy lecture you may recall Aba mentioning that he field-records almost every set he does. Couldn’t agree more with him that field-recording with crowd and chanting is the only way to even begin capturing an Aba Shanti-I dance, and we’re talking thousands of hours of tape here that must have been recorded, seemingly as yet unreleased.

Since that interview I’ve always kept an eye out for an emerging database, let’s hope that it comes soon, as you can never have enough of these live recordings, and those we do have need to be preserved and passed on as teachings for future generations.

via Mad Mongos
The Mighty Aba-Shanti-I Probably one of the best Sound System recordings ! Yep big words, yeh I know there are probably loads of equal greatness but download or stream this Sound System Recording and judge for yourself. Big and heavy heavy heavy filled with bleeps, echo, reverb, speaker rumbling bass and rewinds plus MC-ing this is a recording to die for.

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