Stones Throw Digital Subscription

Pretty incredible move here from Stones Throw in my opinion, making their entire catalogue – present and future – to be available to download for a subscription fee of $10 (US) a month.

If there’s one label I’ll continue to check religiously it’s the LA based, Peanut Butter Wolf run Stones Throw Records; who’re constantly years ahead of the game, and have been since I started on a path of hip-hop, wax and beats many years ago. Maybe it’s personal then, but it seems quite a generous offering for what you’re paying. It’ll be interesting to see if the back catalogue slowly gets uploaded, which would make it essential purchase month-to-month.

With their fast-pace of releases I’ve definitely slipped on listening to every record they press, but to have them on my iPod with minimal effort is ideal. It also means that when they go experimental (remember the reaction to the first Dam-Funk plate from the UK heads? Now it’s a standard) I’ll be listening to it without trying to justify the cost.

Stones Throw have been smart enough to realise that the fans buying their wax will continue to do so for what they want to play out and own, and found an easier way to continue spreading their music, reaching new audiences and making money in the digital age.

Big ups to them, can’t wait to check this out fully. Still some unanswered questions as to where there might be gaps in the catalogue, ie mix CDs, edits and vinyl only releases coming out alongside the perks of the digital subscription. In addition this will only be supported if the future physical copies are created with the same love and care as the back catalogue was, existing alongside the digital. If it works then I’m sure the major underground players like Warp and Ninja Tune won’t be far behind.

Details below, or skip straight to to check it out:

via Stones Throw

Stones Throw has partnered with to launch the Stones Throw Digital Discography, a subscription music service where we share every new Stones Throw release, delivered right to your inbox. Members get every new Stones Throw album, single and EP as they are released, select music from the catalog, and exclusive advance material. The subscription price is $10 a month.


How it Works:
– Get every new Stones Throw release, delivered to your inbox
– Download any time, anywhere
– 320 kbps MP3 files, with no ‘DRM’ restrictions of any kind
– Exclusive tracks, mixes and sessions from Stones Throw artists

– Month-to-month billing.

Upon signing up, receive our three latest releases. Currently:
– Homeboy Sandman’s Subject: Matter EP
– The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2 (advance release exclusively on
– M.E.D.’s Classic Instrumentals LP

Next up:
– J. Rocc’s Mystery Tracks EP
– Quakers, Quakers Album (Geoff Barrow of Portisthead & a hip-hop group of 35+ members)
– Jonwayne’s Oodles of Doodles Album

Aside from our long-running free podcast series, this is the first subscription service we’ve ever been able to offer. We’ve spent a few months in planning with, developed by our friends at Ghostly International. We think their service is a great one, and we’re proud to work together.