Stones Throw Beat Battles / Madlib Tracklistings

This is too dope. For 200 weeks now regular heads over at the Stones Throw forums have been hosting their own weekly beat battles – the STMB Beat Battles. That’s over 7 years of user run and moderated beat competitions, open to anyone to participate and vote on.

via Stones Throw

1/1/11 marks the start of the 200th weekly beat battle, a weekly competition on the Stones Throw message board which is completely user-run, and open to anyone willing to join on this public forum. The battle is based around a single sample chosen by the previous week’s winner, with the beat posted to a page. Voting is open to anyone registered on the board.

The beat battles begin on Saturdays when a sample is posted by the previous week’s winner. Beats are submitted through Wednesday. Voting takes place through Friday.


I wished I’d clocked this sooner, as a quick scan of the winners uploads shows a damn high caliber of participants. Furthermore it seems that this week they’ve taken it further, with the idea to release their own compilations on a weekly basis. Made up of the week’s entrants, previous winners and message board fam, the idea is that you can download them from bandcamp with user generated artwork every Monday or so. The first one should be dropping next week so keep an eye the pages below.

STMB Compilations thread: 
STMB Compilations Soundcloud group:
STMB Bandcamp page: (not accessible until the tracks go live on it)

While I was rolling around on the Stones Throw site I also came across the below which I found quite amusing. Evidently this is how Madlib the Bad Kid’s been turning in tracklistings for the last ten years. The below example is for Medicine Show #11 dropping this month.

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