Squid Ink Kids ‘So Analog’ Series

Apologies for delay on action lately, been travelling as usual. Pleased to announce however, that I’ve found my newest addiction last week in the form of Nintendo cartridge figurines from Squid Kids Ink.

Squid Kids Ink is in fact primarily one person, real name Nate Mitchell who’s been sculpting since he was 19 and designing toys full time since graduating from the Otis Toy Design program in 2004.

The So Analog series focusses on two of our favourite things – cassettes and NES cartridges, with floppy drives thrown in for good measure. And while the first and last in that list sold out their limited runs, the cartridges have taken over as the flagship product, which is good news for us as their by far the favourite.

The toys dubbed 10-Doh! have gone big, throwing up models in various sizes, formats and super-limited custom designs. The most common edition – the Mini 10-Doh figurines – have just launched their second series of sixteen designs, in the usual blind box format that we love to get toys in. You can check the full series over here: http://www.squidkidsink.com/#!10-doh-main-page/c12zw

Haven’t been this hyped about a toy series since the Kid Robot Fat Caps came and went.

Check below for a few of our all time favourites form the custom designed pieces as well as the blind-box purchases.