Spike Jonze – I’m Here

Considering the epic ascension of film maker, Spike Jonze’s career over the last 25 years, it’s somewhat surprising that he managed to sneak out his latest short film practically unnoticed. The film titled I’m Here was released quietly through iTunes and is still available online for free through Absolute’s home page. And although corporate sponsorship can be sucky, I think Absolut have done a brilliant job on the creation and execution on their part.

You can get at it here http://www.imheremovie.com/, or for now just check the preview below:

Okay so the trailer looks a bit cheesy but trust me it doesn’t do it justice. At only 20 minutes long I won’t go in to plot details, I’ll just say it’s worth the watch. I’d totally forgotten how incredibly dope Spike’s work could be. Just the whole style of the production and is distinctly property of the Drop director, creatively written and brilliantly executed.

For the OST heads, the soundtrack’s limited to 100 CD copies and is going live on the Chocolate Industries site sometime in the next 24 hours. There’s some clips in the player at the bottom of the press release below.

via Chocolate Industries

I’m Here is a 30-minute love story about the relationship between two robots living in L.A. The film is written and directed by Spike Jonze and presented by ABSOLUT VODKA.
Andrew Garfield and Sienna Guillory are in the lead roles, and the soundtrack includes original music by Sam Spiegel and origal songs by L.A.-based art musician Aska Matsumiya and other emerging musicians.

In celebration of the holiday season and success of the movie, Chicago’s Chocolate Industries is putting out a limited edition CD and 100 autographed I’m Here movie posters signed by Spike Jonze exclusively via www.chocolateindustries.com/imheremovie to follow up the October iTunes release.