SpaceBass Returns w/ Semtek, Mr. Beatnick, Chairman Kato & Ben Morris

As well as residents Liam D & Chris CTOP, this Friday sees a host of our favourite London DJs spinning tracks for the return of SpaceBass. Semtek of Don’t Be Afraid and Lostbahnhof fame, Mr Beatnick (of pre-2000 gaming fame) and Ben Morris (but not this Ben Morris) who’s been making a welcome return to playing out as of late – all of who’ve we’ve spoken about loads before – are joined by Chairman Kato.

It’s happening at CAMP from 8pm (so post Kid Koala early session crowd will also be in attendance) which we all know as one of East London’s best locations and to top it off the night’s free. In short, promised goodness.

SpaceBass are back. And we’re not playing games

After a trip into the wilderness, SpaceBass return to the arena with a facemelting night of music at one of London’s best venues – C.A.M.P

Along with your deeply erotic residents Chris CTOP and Liam D, we’re excited to welcome 3 of London’s brightest music talents.

As usual, expect a strange soulhiphopfunkdiscohousetechnosouldiscofunkhiphop experience, and remember it’s FREE

Would love to see you there – you know we give good party.