Soundcrash @ Kokos – Photos 11/06/2011

Saturday night was big. Recent obsession with the undiscovered side of live music means it’s been proper time since I’ve seen a lineup as epically important as the one at Koko this weekend gone. I definitely wasn’t alone in thinking that the sound system had been given something extra too.

We’ve been talking a bit about Dorian Concept playing live lately, mostly in the lead-up to his London live shows, though rarely the morning after. Dorian lost me a bit as a live performer going more and more leftfield post Albert Hall gig, but he delivered massively for the Soundcrash residency. He definitely left some of the hi-end gitch at home and turned up the bass for the night, manipulating and looping live, and the times he went off on keyboard mash solos or minimal effects it only heightened what was happening, accentuating the off-kilter beats that still arrived bang-on time. Loads of bounce, loads of improv, loads of unique manipulation from the signature sound that is Dorian. Epic set in which he perfectly walked the thin line of originality and keeping the crowd moving.

King Midas Sound stole the show from an impressive lineup. First time I’ve seen them live and couldn’t step away if I wanted. Even at the drone-styed build-up The Bug was losing his shit and with good reason. His live mixing and beats have never sounded better. Everything he triggered and played with sounded organic and natural…I really don’t think this man gets enough props as a sound styler. Roger Robinson was in fine form, guitar strung across his front from the start, using it at time to make white noise borderline comparable to Atari Teenage Riot samples, or more relevant the overdriven Nirvana sound. The difference being when King Midas used it, none of it sounded shocking. Much like his vocal tones – that were lyrically lost in the sea of sound along with those of Hitomi – it all just fitted together perfectly, a complete wash of noise working with voices.

The audience certainly responded throughout their whole set. Much positive vibes that felt quite special on the night. Unlike having seen them live and being satisfied, I imagine the majority will return to see them again at every chance.

Short DJ break then on to Mark Pritchard aka Harmonic 313. I’m a definite Pritchard fan but also in the minority by not being massively in to the Afrika Hitech releases. It was, however, the way he completely toyed with Out In The Street (there must have been about six variation basslines dropped in and out) in the first part of his set that set a dangerously high-precedent for what followed. All night he fucked with the audience like it was kids play, twisting beats and tunes, dead stopping tracks only to bring them back in perfectly timed and showing off live that he’s got the catalogue and skills to impress in anyway he wants. One section of his performance it seemed effortless that he was flipping between jungle his and mids with ridiculously dubbed and stoned out basslines going underneath the whole time. Proper electronic music from a true talent.

Big ups to Alex Nut and Kode9 for holding it down on decks as well, and to Soundcrash for pulling off the best live night I’ve been to in ages.

Timmy K was there holding it down with the camera. Full gallery up now on Resident Advisor or check some of our favourites below.