Soundcloud Best Bits – LetKolben / Krystal Klear / Lorca

I was bed ridden recently, and started rinsing the hell out of Soundcloud. Thought I’d share some of the highlights.

 LetKolben is hands down one of the most interesting artists I’ve come across lately. Ages ago I got ent a promo from one of his labels, and after downloading it it got lost the virtual depths. Accidentally came across it again a few weeks ago and it took me nearly a day to locate the source. I’ve been lost in the guys Soundcloud ever since. The track in question was Papuans, which is an incredible offering you can check out below.

I know digital’s the future and all but I think someone seriously needs to press this guy up again. He had a plate out last year on Darek Recordings, featuring remixes from Mike Wall and Steven Beyer, though most of his releases are done digitally on his own Kommunikation Records label. All I really know about him is that he’s based in Germany (profile says Minsk / Berlin) and his tracks are heat.


Nothing new in this guy delivering dopeness; I’ve been wearing out my Krystal Klear records lately. Pretty much everything I play I seem to be able to fit one in, and everything he touches is essential purchasing. Looking for more, I ended up on his Soundcloud account, which has a handful of ill joints all being uploaded between 8 and 5 months ago. Got in touch with him to find out what was forthcoming and as well as a Fact Mag mix at the end of the month he’s been signed up to Eglo for a collaboration with Olivier DaySoul, coming to us in 7″ format sometime in October.

Except for that the man’s been gigging his ass off around the world, and more importantly talking to labels since March. Once that’s locked down there’s probably no stopping him from mass boogie takeover.
The Message Part.Une by KrystalKlear

No Sweat by KrystalKlear

I Don’t Know Teedra (Krystal Klear Remix) by KrystalKlear



Last but not least we got Lorca, previously known to us as Dodger Man of Mango Tree / 2_12 fame. He’s been smashing down Brighton ways for a while now with a killer residency at Aka Aka Roar that’s seen him playing alongside everyone from James Blake, Untold, Ramadanman / Pearson Sound and Claude Von Stroke just to name a few.

In short he’s been killing it, and the next few months look big for him, starting with what I think his top work to date (AWK002 excluded) which is a remix on for Recast (aka Fluxion) coming out on 3rd Ear – check the 12″ here, and the full track stream here. We’ll be bombing up more about him as the releases drop, but in the meantime check the free track he’s given us recently, Giant Star, available for download below.

Lorca – Giant Star (Free Download) by Lorca Music

Left_Blank002 Hold Back by Lorca Music