Soul Of Sydney – Larry Levan B’Day Special w/ Stephen Allkins [SYD 20.7.14]

Daytime Sunday is always a good vibe, especially when quality disco is involved. Celebrating the birthday of Larry Levan, Soul Of Sydney have invited Stephen Allkins aka Love Tattoo, Sydney-based dance music royalty, to headline their tribute night not just to the legend Levan, but to an amazing period in dance music history.

Soul Of Sydney do a wicked party, with these daytime ‘block parties’ being focussed on bringing together on record collectors, DJs, musicians, artists and dancers – not to mention your old and new-school heads just loving the music. It’s pure vibes, usually with the sun shining and always with a family-orientated attitude. With a focus on all things funky, it’s hard not to get moving.

No venue announced as of yet for this Sunday, only that it’s 5 mins from the CBD and in a ‘new secret disco oasis’. Things kick-of from 1pm, it’s going to be a great day, make sure you grab tickets – at only $10 it’s worth mentioning – if you’re in the area:

Flyer above and full details below, but if you still need convincing check this Larry Levan tribute mix that the crew put together ahead of the party. Spot-on stunning.

Look forward to seeing you Sunday.

via Soul Of Sydney
Created in 2009, Soul of Sydney prides itself on being an independent, artist-run collective showcasing the best funk-based music and live street art Sydney has to offer. This week’s block party is a Larry Levan birthday special, a legendary DJ of Paradise Garage.

Disco Godfather, Stephen Allkins of Love Tattoo, is getting all his DJ, musician, dancer and designer friends together for a feel-good disco jam, complete with soul, funk, garage and roller-boogie vibes. Stay tuned for the location – the party will take place at a secret disco space five minutes from the CBD.