Slimzo Sessions: Slimzee B2B with Kahn and Neek on NTS – 5.3.15

Bwah, big session this. For those that missed it, last Thursday saw Bristol heavyweights Kahn and Neek guesting on Slimzee’s regular slot on NTS, Slimzos Sessions.

Despite ten year’s out of the radio game with an ASBO ban from broadcasting, Slimzee’s gotta be one of the best on the airwaves. He’s a name for heads in London after holding it down for time on pirate and as a founding father on Rinse which used to broadcast from his living room. Most importantly of all, he’s got dubplates for days, and getting featured by him on Rinse was a big thing for grime artists.

In fact, for those outside of London who may need an introduction to the man, it’s worth taking a peek at Rollo Jackson’s short film from last year, Slimzee’s Going On Terrible here:

Slimzee’s seminal influence really started to get the props deserved with his return to radio last year, his shows now reaching those outside of the FM transmitter range. One show in and it was already something ridiculous – Jammer, Skepta, Novelist and crew in the small Dalston studio – and they keep getting better.

This is the pinnacle for us though, with soundsystem orientated bass duo Kahn and Neek stepping in to share decks. Surprised we’ve not shouted them out more on this space in fact, as their productions have been buy on site for time. Despite the debate around it from purists their Gorgon Grime cassette is still one of my favourite cassette releases, but the guys actually load up so much more.

Their individual an collaborative productions lean towards heavy sound quality and dub styles from operators of old as much as the darker side of grime that continues to evolve, as do the plates coming from the Kahn and Neek run Bandulu records. And if you’re wondering how they get it so on point you probably don’t know about Gorgon Sound, where the real respect comes. Gorgon Sound sound system is a collaborative effort of sorts spearheaded by Kahn and Neek who work as the operators and selectors. You can understand then why their plates sound heavier.

Talking of dubs, here’s another one from them we’d love to get a hold of but likely will never get.

Back on last week’s session and I can’t believe this still has under a hundred plays, it’s two hours that you need to plug in to, whether on the go or heads down session listening. Big ups all involved, going to hit repeat on this one for a while.

Talking of NTS, out to everyone who locked in on Saturday for one of our less structured adventures in music across the show. It was mad fun though, archive going up here very soon.