Live From The K-Hole – Chairman Kato / Tommy Tempa / Sarah Johns

You’d think having seen through an EP with Chairman Kato we’d be somewhat used to his creative outbursts or random activities that seem to make slightly more sense inside his head than in the real world. You’d be wrong. Only he could make a New Years Day broadcast called ‘Live From The K-Hole’ seem so depressingly appealing. The fact that Rob McDougall is involved means that the pairings’ random thought processing will thankfully have some form of coherency for the rest of us. We’ve no idea what they’ll be doing, only that we don’t want to miss it.

Full email below, see you on the other side 🙂


Dear Earthlings…

Christmas is over and a new year is upon us. Admit it- you’re broke, bloated and blown out. Another year is over….

…Which is the perfect time for Chairman Kato and friends to beam themselves into your living room/bedroom/brain. On January 1st 2012 at 20:00 GMT Chairman Kato and partner-in-crime Rob McDougall will transmit the first ‘Live From the K-Hole’, featuring live music recorded in Kato’s infamous synagogue studio. Snort some Gaviscon downers, pull the duvet over your face and slide away to an hour and a half of music and silly shenanigans.
For the inaugural broadcast Kato has invited his close comrade Tommy Tempa, who released his excellent ‘Quixotic’ EP earlier this year on Somethinksounds, to join him on the decks. Two boys, simply on two decks and mixer, bringing you the finest in blubbeat and chubstep from throughout the ages.

Sarah Johns, ethereal chanteuse and curator of the immersive, theatrical Sarah Johns Music Parties, will also be performing 2 of her beguiling songs. She is something of a veteran when it comes to impromptu performance, as revelers in parks across the land will testify.

Chairman Kato will also be performing live versions of some of the material from his recent ‘Science and Romance’ EP.

Broadcast links will be available here, we will make the exact address available in the hour before we go live (from 19:00 GMT onwards). For running updates see Chairman Kato’s Twitter feed or Facebook page.
We look forward to meeting you all.
With love from the year 2038.

Chairman Kato