Sidewayz 2012 Exhibition

The art x skate deck / snow board crossover thing has been such an underrated element since almost the start of the boarding industries. There were never stock images being pushed on to the gear, and even bulk sticker designs lend to customisation purely by placement and quantity. It’s an integral but often overlooked part within a subculture that we need to properly explore another time no doubt, especially being back in Australia where boarding an graffiti culture is so damn prevalent. In the meantime there’s some pretty stunning action going on with this exhibition, running in Paddington for only a few more days.

Every year Sidewayz team up with main organisers Westsyde Connection and Balmoral Boards as well as other board appropriate sponsors and art suppliers (this year including Molotow who’ve had an especially stunning run of products with their pens as of late) for an exhibition that makes use of old skate decks and snowboards as the primary tools for canvas. Artworks are created and sold, with all the profits turned over to a charity that can put good use to the money.

To date, Sidewayz has raised over $13,000 for various charities. This year, proceeds from the sale of the recycled skateboards, snowboards & photography will be donated to Voice, an organisation with head quarters in Australia and Cambodia. Voice seeks to aid and empower disadvantaged people who themselves may have been damaged or discarded and who are in need of a little bit of hope“.

The bits that have gone so far have done so at extremely reasonable prices and the prints are priced pretty cheap too (especially on a worldwide scale)- so no use deliberating over something you like. The auctions close at four different times, starting with the opening night and Wednesday the 30th being the date of the second and final live one. The online auction closes 8pm Thursday night with the silent auction taking bids until midnight, September 1st. Full details and links the breakdown of what items are in what auction here:

The show seems to get bigger every year, and the space they’re currently residing in in Paddington is pretty much perfect. As far as depth in style and creativity, it’s not on the same level as something we’d expect from Apart, but with over 100 pieces on display, mostly done within the constraints of recycled boards, it’s definitely showcasing some proper talent. Plus with the proceeds going to a good  cause the whole thing is pure vibes.

Loads of standouts – too many to mention – with the more creative pieces sticking out on boards, especially those who made htem in to something else or made it work as a number of panels instead of just a design on one. Big ups all who contributed not just the artists but their time as well in getting this sorted.

The only thing we’re not excited about is that Sidewayz 2012 is only running until this Saturday, a relatively tiny window to see the exhibition. I know it’s a charity event but one week (Saturday to Saturday) for people to head over just isn’t enough. Let’s hope they get an extended residence next time (hell, we can get you a warehouse if it’s going to help?).

Get down and check it out before it’s too late.
Details below.

Global Gallery, 5 Comber Street Paddington
Opening Date:
Friday 24th August, 2012
End Date:
Saturday 1st September, 2012
Daily 11.00am – 6.00pm