Seekersinternational – ‘TrustInDigikal’ / ‘IfUWantMe’ 7″ [Bokeh Versions]

Seekersinternational aka SKRSINTL (also Seekers International and SKRS) can do no wrong in my book. I was pretty stoked to have completed the physical collection (tapes and wax) after tracking down a copy of the Yardflex 7″ earlier this year. In fact it was Craig Morton aka Monkeytek of PDXINDUB fame who was kind enough to sell me his copy; another label who consistently kill it. If you’re not already on top of their stuff make sure you check them out.

Soon after came the news that the SKRS crew were christening a new imprint with another 7″ release. Bokeh Versions is the new label from Miles Opland of St. John Sessions fame, and they couldn’t have gotten it any more right.

Dropped at the start of December came TrustInDigikal / IfUWantMe, housed in a Seekersinternational designed sleeve written in their stunning custom style. Both tracks here see a slightly new direction for Seekers, with a lighter tone and a step towards lovers rock, but still drenched in the wonky digi-dub vibe that signs all their work.

‘TrustInDigikal’ sits on the A and is interstellar beams and sirens shooting off in to sparse digital steppers territory, bouncing off a cavernous space created by tape-echo and reverb; ie the sound we’ve come to love from SKRS. The flip represents the most rhythmic we’ve heard them, with chorus synths and some form of loose predictability to the work for the first time. Cracking stuff, showing that it’s a distinct style and not a one trick pony we’re dealing with.

Good news too that these are coming ahead of a full length sometime in 2016, can’t wait for more.

Check out the Soundcloud uploads below and then get on this one quick, it’s one that you want on the system loud.

Their 7′ debut on Bokeh Versions finds SKRS in a woozy mood. IfUWantMe is a warped interpolations of classic lovers rock vibes. SKRS launches lovers into another dimension with a distant gyaldem chanting mantras over ruffneck lows. TrustInDigikal is an archival track rescued from cosmic limbo. Sparse dub abstractions and alien gurgles battle with clipped samples to a synthonic conclusion.