Seekersinternational – ‘TheWhereBetweenYou&Me’ (OST) – Free Download

Almost a year on since the release of The Call From Below LP on Digitalis and we’re still none the wiser to the faces behind the name Seekersinternational. Not that it particularly matters at the end of the day, but with such an incredible sound behind them it’d certainly be interesting to dig a bit deeper, if only to find out why they’re so scared of spaces between words.

As we’ve said before, Seekersinternational is electronica steeped in sound system education. Heavy dancehall vibes of the Jamaican old-school, toasters and crackling vinyl, horns and bass echoes all clash heavily with French-styled beats and body-music synths. A bizarre combination that belongs to the night-time manoeuvres crew, wherever they may be. This might be the type of music Lee Perry would be creating if he was starting his a career in the early 2000’s with a sampler and some old tapes.

More ambient and drone than what we expected, TheWhereBetweenYouAndMe (OST) is played out as a single thirty minute piece with natural variations. to get the criticism out of the way, the the final ten minutes verge much too far in to cosmic-drone territory, and arguably drag a bit. Up until that point though the filtered synths hold the flow together, something we would’ve picked up on wax no doubt.

Not sure the story behind the OST tag – maybe a personal soundtrack or unfulfilled project – but either way it’s billed as the ‘dubwise sequel’ to TheCallFromBelow‘ and as a free download it doesn’t get much better.

Check it out below, complete with accompanying press release.

In celebration and thanksgiving for the latest addition to the SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL crew – our newest junior bubbler to run come bless up the Dance, the inimitable invincible Young Pow-Wow, we hereby present the listening massive with dis ya FREE musical excursion!

When neither the illusory Here
Nor the unfathomable Hereafter
Provide safe harbour;
The seeker has no place to turn
but TheWhereBetween
And through it all : A solitary prayer;
A broken record loop-like chant for deliverance
One foot in oblivion; Hanging by a thread of Hope
In Offeration and Dedication to You,
the One, the Eternal, of whom all things Are
Give thanks and praise each and every hour