Seekersinternational – ‘Rootprinciple’ C40 [No Corner]

We’re mad fans of the Seekersinternational output, though the cats behind it still remain a bit of a mystery. Despite the entire catalogue consisting of a couple of 7″ plates from 2008, a free download OST and the incredible LP on Digitalis, The Call From Below, dropped almost two years back, the quality of these releases hasn’t stopped captivating us since their respective drops.

To compare exact artists would be to do Seekersinternational an injustice, as they’ve stepped clearly in to the space of sounding like no one else releasing at present. Taking those hazy Rhythm & Sound influences and dropping them in to raw soundsystem vibes drowning n analogue effects, the ones behind their releases have tapped in to something special for us. They’re all dub paced slow jams, but layered like leftfield techno, with live toaster samples from modern day warriors narrating the affair.

Released this week comes a new addition to their catalogue in the form of a cassette from No Corner, and it’s not only more of what we fiend for but arguably their best work to date.

Inaugurated back in 2012 with a drop from Jabu, No Corner has remained pretty spot-on as label, including two personal highlights in the form of Gorgon Grime and the Filter Dread mix that remain on high-rotation. More importantly couldn’t be a better fit for the mysterious production skills behind Seekersinternational, as their cassette only releases have developed a distinct sound that makes them buy on site, and as such a pretty solid following that guarantees their special editions never stick around for long.

Get on this one quick, via the chaps at RwdFwd, limited edition of 100 only. Preview a track below, and check the bizarre press release just underneath that again.

via No Corner

Machete pon left and a dagger pon the right
The seeker sets about on an inner pilgrimage
Hacking thru a dense tangle of circuit overgrowth and
The lush canopy, seen from above
Belies the dread and danger lying-smiling in wait within
Lions in sentinel; challenging those who profess their
Steel horn speakers call from towers on high while
Drums rumbling from a distance approach
Where time cuts to the chase, notions leave no trace…


via RwdFwd

Edition of 100.
Clear shells, loaded with C40 ferric grade tape.
A5 foldout sleeve, designed by MYSTERYFORMS.
Includes insert, designed by C26 & Studio Tape-Echo.
Insert print on 50/50 transparent / white paper… first come first served.
Each tape ships in hand-stamped mailer.