Roy Of The Ravers – ‘2 Late 4 Love’ Cassette [Acid Waxa]

It’s such a great feeling when a random punts on music pay off. Such is the case with 2 Late 4 Love, an incredibly dope cassette released late last year via Acid Waxa. The artist behind it is one Roy Of The Ravers, blessed with both an awesome artist name and an artist aesthetic made the release buy on site.

Just look at the above, how could you not want this in your collection? Tapping in to memories of Sunday morning comic strips (Torkan perhaps?) and dot matrix printing, the artwork on this is a trip. Roy Of The Ravers, who we presume is the chap featured dead centre of the artwork, is definitely friends with Techno Viking. The two of them are probably regulars on the rave scene, legal and illegal, and often get their own area near the DJ without even asking.

The music contained within is golden-era 303 acid that button programmers will worship. Nine tracks of squelchy 130ish bpm music, with ideas sometimes repeated across Parts 1 or 2 of an original track, which is something that those familiar with the tools of the trade will appreciate.

There’s definitely a fantasy element to what’s going on, with flights of breezy high-end keys offsetting any over-intensity that the basslines might push forward. Both parts of ‘Melchester Acid’ are about as mutant as the vibe gets, caused by the peaking bass twisting in on itself repeatedly.

Steve Bishop aka Basic House of Opal Tapes is credited with mastering on this one, which is an added bonus, as the man has a wicked ear for sound and doesn’t do anything half-assed.

Both tape and digital are still available via the Acid Waxa cartel store ( and bandcamp page ( respectively. Get on it.

Crazy ass press release below alongside the embeddable tracks.

via Acid Waxa

In 1981, deep within the laboratory of the Roland Corporation, Japan; Tadao Kikumoto invented the TB-303. But when Kikumoto heard it was being used to create the acid sound, he ordered that all TB-303s should be recalled and DESTROYED. However, soon after – Kikumoto discovered that the last remaining TB-303 was in fact owned by Roy of the Ravers and vowed to destroy both Roy of the Ravers and the TB-303, putting an end to the acid sound FOREVER!!!