Robin The Fog – Sesame Street Music Special (2008)

Not sure how much you know about Robin The Fog, but the long time Resonance FM mainstay is an incredibly creative and unique force around underground London music and arts scenes. Since first hanging out with him after our guest spot on Sine Of The Times a while back, we’ve bumped in to him at nights and events on the regular, usually with mic or camera in his hand preparing or coming from an interview. His blog’s pretty awesome, this Daphne Oram piece is incredibly well informed and beyond interesting in it’s critique of the recent exhibition and waves of unquestioning followers.

The other night at Pure Evil was another one of these occasions, and you can check his review of the project and interview with DJ Food in the Resonance archive here:

As well as discussing his forthcoming cassette release and a slowed down and warped whistling project that explores the acoustics of Bush House (more on both these later), we discovered that Robin is in fact one of the world’s biggest Muppet fans. Not sure how we didn’t clock on to this earlier given his radio name and the fact that Kermit’s nephew is named Robin the Frog.

Naturally we geeked over our mutual appreciation of Henson as well as Joe Raposo (both pictured above with Kermit), and it turned out that Robin back in 2008 had the chance to put together a Sesame Street music special, including some rare Jim Henson 7″ wax on radio, covering a soundtrack show for Johnny Trunk. Having looked it up and listened in it’s entirety, it only seemed right to share it here.

Details and download below, and although no longer available on Resonance FM archive, everything from them is stored in Community Audio from

via Internet Archive

Film, library and television music with Jonny Trunk. In this archive edition from 2008, Robin The Fog, OST’s long-suffering engineer and comedy foil takes the controls to bring you the musical fruits of his Sesame Street obsession, aided and abetted by ResFM stalwart Joceline Colvert. Together they bring you a Ladybug’s Picnic, P-Funk jams concerning the days of the week and a pigeon that plays checkers, pus some surprisingly avant-garde obscurities from Philip Glass. What more could you ask for?

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