Rob McDougall – ‘Letting It Flow’ Video for Midnight Davis

For those that know Rob McDougall is a design and motion graphic genius. As a collaborator with Chairman Kato he was the creator for the aesthetic on Science & Romance last year. Rob’s work pre- and post- this however is equally stunning, and has constantly

Clocked on to his latest offering, a short animated video for Midnight Davis, the unidentified musician who’s debut offering has made him a darling of Mary Anne Hobbs, amongst other props from underground heads. Bass heavy and murky – practically a perfect delivery of a unique style from a singer (and composer?) that belongs off the radar of mainstream, and no doubt will continue to grow by doing so. If you like what you hear you can pick up the the Aftershocks EP on cassette or digital from the Five Easy Pieces bandcamp page.

Not sure how Rob got involved but as always he delivers in style. Here’s what he said to Dummy Mag regarding it’s creation.

The motion itself was very much influenced by early motion graphics pioneer John Witney, whose computer animations from the 60’s blew my mind. His work always felt like it was taking you on a journey of some sort, a style I tried to emulate by exploring ways of taking the viewer through the different boards, and by linking each board to the next in some way.

Big ups to the man, check his handiwork below.