RIP Duke Vin aka The Tickler

Saddened to hear about the recent passing of Duke Vin, a legendary selector and hero to those who have tribute to pay for the UK sound system culture. After apprenticing under Tom The Great Sebastian, Duke Vin relocated from Jamaica to London, establishing his own sound system – The Tickler – as the first in the UK. Duke Vin’s passing can be compared to a library burning down, and he’s reckoned to leave behind one of the greatest reggae collections in existence.

RIP Duke Vin

A pioneer who introduced the art of sound systems to the UK, the legendary Duke Vin, passed away on Saturday 3 November. I had to get my facts checked first, but unfortunately the news is true.

Duke Vin was in his 80s and alongside too many others to name, responsible for the development of sound systems in England. He and others were responsible for connecting communities and getting them through rough times experienced through the 1950s onwards, still seen today in different formats.

Salute to DUKE and all the other legends unnoticed or under appreciated.

Producer Gus Berger set up his own production company Gusto Films back in 2003. A few years ago there first documentary titled Duke Vin and The Birth Of Ska started doing the festival rounds to masterful acclaim. More info on screenings and a full run down up here soon, but in the meantime you can check the trailer below.