Resident Advisor ‘Real Scenes’ Series

Proper impressed by the level of quality in these mini docos that Resident Advisor have started throwing up, in co-operation with Bench. Three episodes deep, the ‘Real Scene’ series has thus far covered Bristol, Detroit and as of a few days ago Berlin.

Considering these are done as promotional items and not definitive documentaries the standard is incredibly high, and all three are well worth the watch. Big ups to all involved and for the directors who’ve made a nice balance of musical and non-musical influences, and getting some surprisingly insightful and influential people infront of the camera. Quite an unexpectedly cool moment in the latest post where Dimitri Hegemann of Tresor fame and Uli Wombacher from Watergate briefly address the famed door policies of Berlin’s underground clubs.

via Resident Advisor

Real Scenes is a series of films, supported by and conceived with Bench, in which we explore the musical, cultural and creative climate within electronic music’s key destinations. We’ll look at the role singular figureheads—producers, DJs, promoters—play in making their city’s music scene a point of world-wide interest. We’ll also look at places, spaces and inspirations, seeking out the essence of what gives these hyper-local scenes a truly global resonance.