Release: Semtek – ‘Bento’ / ‘Bento’ (Scott Fraser’s Decompression Dub)’ 12″

Officially out today on physical and digital, we’re excited to be bringing the new 12″ from Semtek, backed with a remix from Scott Fraser.

We’ve been hyped from the get-go about working with the Don’t Be Afraid boss whose productions, parties and DJ sets embody London’s underground electronic scene, done with a sound unique to him. Bento is a track that collects techno references but shapes them to a House music aesthetic. An unashamed banger, the track marries the East-London producer’s love of precise, focussed sound manipulation with uncomplicated structuring perfectly.

Wave/Black Nation artist Scott Fraser’s recently ended production hiatus is an electronic music godsend if his Decompression Dub interpretation of Bento is anything to go on. The accomplished producer has delivered a mind-of-its-own, snaking beast of a remix that burbles, drunkenly for 12 minutes before begging for a second, third and fourth play.

Genuinely fantastic house music, that we’re proud to offer up as our seventh release on Awkward Movements.

Hand-stamped sleeves and inners, strictly limited – best not to sleep. More info from the distributor here, you can pick up the physical directly from the below shops.

“top release! I love both versions of Bento, very different and both special! Raw and uncompromising, that`s the sound I like!”
“YES. So nice to hear something stick out in the sea of mundane music. Both tracks are wicked. Bento is heavy, its like a 303 trying to escape from a church.”
“A proper zip up, wade in piece of Benjamented flexing”
Chris Duckenfield, Swag
“Definite percussion focus on these tracks. The original has a sort of UKG vibe on the go, and the sluggish nature of the dub makes for a nice little package.”
DFRNT, Echodub
“up that!!! :)”
Christopher Rau, Smallville
“…original’s very tasty indeed.”
Paul Woolford, Bobby Peru / 20:20 Vision
“Love this, funky, freaky, steppin, jackin – top gear!”
“Baaadass! Love this, Original Mix is serious stuff, will defo support this”
A Sagittariun, Elastic Dreams
“Already playing this. I love Ben’s Octave One style vibe on this.”
Neville Watson, Clone / Midnight Steppers
Tazz, Underground Quality / Tsu
“Great record!! will play for sure. Thanks.”
Dave Congreve, Repeat Repeat
“Bento is amazing – burning this badbwoy…liking the dub also its certainly got guts. Nice one.”
OCH, Autoreply / PAL SL
“dig. DUG. Bento’s got one hell of a groove. Real dance music. The dub sounds like drugs and is going to take me a while to digest.”
Edwin Congreave, The Foals
“Lovely tunes, thanks.”
Alex Coulton, Idle Hands / Horizontal Ground
“like the attitude…wicked, noisy stuff!”
Ed Davenport, Liebe*Detail

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