All My Records Episode 2

About three months after we started this I finally found some time New Years Eve morning to record the next instalment of All My Records. A quick calculation suggests that at sixteen to twenty records every three months it’ll take us about sixty years to get through all the shelves. We’ll try and pick up the pace a bit perhaps.

As per last time we’re rocking a single deck, single mic show with one record off the deck and one record on. Working our way from left to right in my shelving we’re still firmly on the hip-hop tip. A bit more a bunch of plates from Handcut Records circa 2007, a few more party cuts from Speech Defect, a couple of John Robinson plates and some J-88 aka Slum Village including an oft-overlooked J Dilla remix. Twenty records in all filled out by legends such as Pete Rock, People Under The Stairs and Ill Biscuits and an over abundance of me talking about them.

No full track listing, just the gallery below. Apologies in advance for some strange levels and the rest; I found out after recording I’d left a compressor on the track the records we’re going in to. Don’t worry though, the added boom-bap roughness comes free.

Hope you dig it.

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