Record Design AWK007

Designs for AWK007 have been finalised, stamps for the outer sleeve and the record inners have been created and tested, and it’s all looking good. We’re staying tight on the details for this one until it drops (though the clues are about if you look for it), but we can tell you it’s a limited two-track 12″ with an original on one side and a 12-minutre remix on the flip. Both the artist and remixer are London based, leaders in what they do, well established with both production and DJ work; it’s a release to melt your mind. Promos and previews will be available soon however, so look for the mail-out or get in touch.

In the meantime we need to give shouts Loop-o at Dubplates and Mastering for an incredible job on the mastering front, and who:ratio for amazing hand sketched designs as always. Based out in Romania for the last 18 months, who:ratio’s also been killing it on the DJ tip, one of the few serious players out there mixing exclusively on wax, drawing on his incredible collection weekly. Ironically, the Awkward Movements Sessions he did for us was the first time he consciously stepped away from vinyl to explore mixing tracks at the same bpm digitally.

Check below for some of our favourite designs that didn’t get used or developed and right down the bottom the look of the final outer sleeve stamped, but nothing yet on the inners – they’ll be unleashed with the record. And yes, the ‘alien-potato’ idea is still floating about, though it’s now a fawn.